NPCs you wish you could romance, but can't

Generally I like when characters have their own preferences but this ONE GIRL (whose name I cant remember) who had THE BEST chemistry with MC but her whole conflict revolved around the fact she couldnt date other guy and we supported her through it??? broke my heart. like, babe, have me instead why not. the game even had the audacity to hint he might have feeling for her too but we wouldnt know for sure because its in the epilogue. GET OUT

can we laso speak about when the “im not into you” scenes are made right? “Love, Simon” (the film) should be a handbook how to deal with it. It wasnt swept under the rug, it was acnowleged throughout the film and characters actually talked about it. chieff kiss

Currently at the top of my head are Gisela from The Keeper series, Karin from Magikiras and–as crazy as this might be–Thalia from AMR WIP.

To be honest, for me, a straight up “You can’t romance this character” is so much better than the Author teasing you could “romance” certain character with crushes, but you actually have no chance at all.

Karin from Magikiras sting my heart the most lol. I thought MC could make her forget about her crush for Morgan. But nope. Which is why i became quite wary for an RO with crushes to another character again.

Don’t wanna waste my time with that.

Elidor from Wayhaven. A studly fairy who can both tend wounds and inflict them. Love it.


Pilcrow and Juniper from Cakes and Ale, Elery skinner from Choice of Rebels, and Maria from Relics of the Lost Age if you don’t count the fact that she’s gonna be one in the sequel.

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May I ask what AMR stands for? I’m always on the lookout for new wips to play

A mage reborn

  • Douglas from Wayhaven with his little adorable crush. The MC is so turned off by it but I’d love to do more with him.
  • Saine in Mage Reborn. I didn’t even realize he wasn’t romanceable until way later since I was pursuing Leon.
  • Steel/Wei Chen from Fallen Hero. I so wish my female MC could romance him but he’s gay and non-romanceable for women which I respect but damn do I love him.

I never wanted to romance Saine, but like you I romanced Leon and totally took it for granted that Saine was another option.

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Saine’s possibly ace, and most definitely aro.

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Elery will be a RO but probably not until Game 3…

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usually i just kinda roll with what im given so i only have one npc that for like a couple of days, was very curious to on what it would be like to romance them honestly.

the person who kissed you because of magic in the changeling exchange (wip). i know we basically kinda accidentally broke them up with their partner and all and everything they do is because of magic but, my mind started to wander and create this weird spin off that this person wont leave you alone and that you stick with them to try to break of this spell then ends with the person breaking out of the spell but still having feelings with you. stupid, i know. but they were so smitten with you and it was honestly so sweet and i just kinda enjoyed our interactions. for a moment, i kept replying that scene. they were younger than us so minus points lmao but still.

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I thought you could romance steel with a female mc but in the next book? To be honest I don’t know if the author changed that, I’m not up with the tumblr.

The two NPC I feel most sad about not being able to romance both have sexual orientations with mine and they are Letha from Heroes of Myth and Gonzales from Creme de la Creme. Warrior women and female jocks really appeal to me as ROs and although I see the importance of giving representation to different orientations and that writers may “picture” their NPCs in a way which that may also include a particular sexual orientation( as opposed to them just being playersexual), but it still makes me feel a bit sad when the NPC who I otherwise would have been most inclined to choose as an RO, is unavailable. This was worse in Heroes of Myth, since none of the other ROs introduced in the demo(I’ve never bough the whole COG), appealed to me, while Creme de la Creme had ROs that caught my interests.

Maybe also Jabs from Tally Ho and Durga from The Lost Heir Trilogy, though, though there’s also issues with both of those for me

Apart from those I can’t recall many(if any) released COGs or HGs with NPCs that I would like (my character) to romance, but can’t. This is either because there’s at least one RO that’s my kind of RO, because none of the NPCs seem interesting to me as ROs or because the romances are so sketchy or feel so unimportant in the COG or HG, that I don’t really care so much about romances in that COG or HG anyway.

Agree 1000% with this. My female MC could totally fall for him (the scene with his dog at the park got me in the feels).

I’ll add Tane and Maaka from UA in Wayhaven to this list. Tane is just :drooling_face:

Oh, and Falk. That guy is just all kinds of awesome.

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Only played the public demo, but IIRC there’s an option in the park scene where the F!MC can admit that she has a crush on him. I honestly doubt that the author would just drop that option in without adding something in the future…

But if he can’t be solo romanced, maybe a poly with M!Ortega? :wink:

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I love M. Ortega too so I’d love that.

I honestly hope not. He has a very specific background of being gay which is integral to his character. Changing his sexuality opens a very upsetting door that enough people want something or pursue hard enough they can push to change someone’s sexuality. There would be massive, and justifiable, kickback from it. It would also make for issues with other authors who already get enough heat for their character’s sexualities. So, as much as I like that character, I think pushing for that change is bad on so many levels.


Steel can’t be romanced by a female MC. Non-binary MCs are still up in the air a bit, last I heard. Trans male MCs can, and knowing Malin’s style of writing there’ll probably be some heartfelt conversations about it in the game.

Crushes can be had, but IIRC he just lets female MCs down gently.


Chen can be romanced by men, and by male presenting/nb. The latter after having a big talk about it, and what it means for him. But sorry, he doesn’t go for women.
EDIT: And yes, many conversations ;).


Gisela from the Keeper series. Give me that angst please for the love of god I can sense it. All of that teasing from the author aside (Making me go all Seraphina - I love it but I hate it), Gisela was also part of Frostbite. She’s also probably one of the more morally grey characters? Would be interesting for sure. Also from the Keeper series and probably controversial - Davina/Reyna because enemies to lovers. There’s also that little bit from Reyna We should have met sooner, in different circumstances. Thanks again author for that tease that will NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD.

Lady Argent from Fallen Hero. She bites. Probably scratches too. Belligerent sexual tension. Yum. Your puppet is supposedly braindead but Ortega has also mentioned that she/he mumbled in their coma and honestly I kind of want them to wake up and be a RO as well. Already have that mental link thing down. Plus, they’re normal

Not Choice of - Magium. I know, I know, the author said that the spirits won’t be romanceable but give me that star crossed lovers-ish Illuna romance. No physical body, can only meet in the ethereal plane, and she’s a tsundere who gets lonely. And maybe for those fully committing to Barry the Reckless, Arraka.