Non-existent Variable

I’m having trouble with one particular scene. Spent at least three hours browsing the forum for answers. No resolution. :sleepy:. I’ve also checked over everything, proper indenting, variable exist in startup, testrun you name it. Also thanks in advance for the assistance

Error: Non-existent Variable ‘abandonmisson’


*if (abandonmission = “true”)
Your yes fluttered open, groggily taking in your surroundings. But instead of the familiar walls of your bedroom, you were met with an eerie glow. Bright red words flashed before your eyes, pulsing with an unseen potency: [Loading World’s Punishment. 20%. 30%. 40. Loading Fail. Loading Please Standby for World’s Punishment. LOADING! LOADING FAIL!]


You misspelled it as abandonmisson so maybe that is the sticky widget?

What type of variable is it in startup.exe? I ask because if it is a true/false (boolean) variable, then the mistake might be putting it in quotes in your *if statement. (If it calls for a string, and you set it to “true” rather than true, I’m mistaken).

Though… I think that would throw a differently-worded error, so maybe I’m mistaken regardless!

I just checked. Both have the same spelling. Which is abandonmission.

How my startup code actually looks:

*create uniform " "
*create uniform2 " "
*create shoes " "
*create imp1 “false”
*create imp2 “false”
*create route " "
*create pk1 “false”
*create pk2 “false”
*create pk3 “false”
*create dinnerscene “false”
*create outdoor “false”
*create snoop “false”
*create abandonmission “false”
*create savetry “false”
*create distress “false”

Assuming you copy-pasted the error message, it would seem to be typo’ed somewhere. Are you sure that’s the place where that error is thrown?

Yeah cause it said chap2. Image.

In order for this variable to be true it has to be selected in the gosub_scene file. Sorry for wall of text.


 #Save ${trysten} (Accept Mission)
  You glance around, taking in the twisted cityscape and the dark magic that permeates the air. You know you must act quickly to rescue the ${try_crown_prince} and escape this treacherous place.
  *gosub_scene gosub savetry
 #Watch the Skarvaks eat ${trysten} (Abandon Mission)
  The ash gray trees stood like sentinels, their branches stretched towards the sky like skeletal fingers, their trunks as gray as the ash that remained after a fire had long been extinguished. The air was heavy with the silence of a place that had been undisturbed for centuries, and the trees seemed to be holding their breath, waiting for something to stir.
  *gosub_scene gosub Skarvaks 
 #Leave the treacherous land and go somewhere else. (Abandon mission)
  Without a second thought you had Nothingness teleport you back out of Lunaria and back to the garden. 
  *gosub_scene gosub abandon


*label abandon

Deciding that you would face the consequences of your action in the next 29 minutes and 25 seconds. Taking a deep breath you looked around the garden, you've longed to roam around town after all you haven't done that as yet and you wanted to get a feel of the place. With quick agile movements you scaled the high wall. In your original world scaling a wall was deemed impossible could end up breaking something or even worst. Here in this strange new world, you seem to possess abilities that defies the laws of physics and logics. 

The town was alive with activity, the streets bustling with people from all walks of life. You blended in seamlessly, your agile movements allowing you to weave through the crowds with ease. You took in the sights and sounds, your senses heightened as you absorbed the vibrant atmosphere. Maybe there was a perk to dying and reincarnating after all. In the past life you worked your ass off for your drug addict mother, now in this life the only person you had to care about was yourself. This feeling was surreal.

The tantalizing scents of fresh bread and roasting meats were like a punch to your growling stomach, reminding you of the neglectful eating habits since arriving in this strange new world. You had been so caught up in trying to make sense of your  surroundings and navigating the complexities of your new "family" dynamics that you had forgotten to fuel your body.

And speaking of family, you couldn't help but think of the awkward dinner invitation you had received from your "loving family" earlier that day. You had politely declined, citing exhaustion and a need for solitude, but in truth, you were still trying to wrap your head around the peculiar dynamics at play. The tension and underlying currents between the family members were palpable, and you weren't ready to dive into that fray just yet.

But now, as your stomach protested with increasing urgency, you  realized you needed to prioritize your physical needs. You followed the enticing aromas to a nearby market stall, where the vendor greeted you with a warm smile and offered a steaming hot loaf of bread and a juicy skewer of roasted meat. You devoured them in mere moments, savoring the flavors and textures as your hunger finally began to subside. Ah, the simple pleasures in life can be such a balm for the soul!

*set abandonmission "true"```

Well, it clearly states “abandonmisson”, though, so I’d suggest you search for that in your file(s).

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Did you continue playing from a saved game where the abandonmission variable did not exist yet?

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No i didn’t. All the files that was uploded had all the variables. Not to mention i did my rewrite, so everything is fairely new.

:smiling_face_with_tear: i did do that but there was no resolution. I even went thfough the whole text docs few times.

Sure, but did you start a new playthrough or are you playing from an old save?

New save

Try to create a new variable called “abandonmisson” (misspelled). If that solves it, at least you know that variable is hiding in there somewhere… And make sure autocorrect doesn’t fix it!

Thanks for all the assistance. After many hours this error was finally fixed. Thanks guys

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