Newbie Help with '*choice'


What am I doing wrong here? I am unable to have multiple options for my ‘*choice.’

*title Pirate Game

‘Cap’n, ship sighted off starboard bow!’ calls down one of the smelly, flea infested, scumbags you call your crew. You hurry to the front of the ship shoving and kicking your way through a crowd of slackers pointing and yelling towards the horizon. You look through your spyglass and do a double take when you see the ship. It was the frigate you had served as a midshipman in, H.M.S. Juno! You let out a string of curses bad enough to make the Devil cover his ears.
‘Orders, cap’n? Shall we pursue?’

#Shout ‘All hands on deck! Load your pistols and sharpen your swords, roll out the cannons, full speed ahead!’
—Shouts of excitement echo around the deck, with the scum of the earth milling around you preparing for the upcoming battle.
—You head to your cabin to choose your weapons.
#Shout ‘This one ain’t worth the trouble, boys, turn this ship around! We can easily escape such a fat frigate!
—Your crew groans and go back to their work. The frigate soon sinks back below the horizon.
#Your knees shake and your face goes deathly pale. You pass out from sheer terror!
—You wake up tied to a barrel floating on the water. Your crew took advantage of your cowardice and mutinied!

You post code by indenting with 4 spaces first.

Also if this is how you actually did your code you are using incorrect spacing with the finish command.

 #Do this


What happens when you test this in-game? Do you get an error or no options?

Also, like faewkless said, you need to indent the *finish as well.

Just as reference, it should be structured like this:

	#Choice 1
	#Choice 2
	#Choice 3


Thank you! That was a fast reply, I appreciate you answering my uber-noob problem.


What was happening is that I only had the option to choose choice 1. But it’s fixed now! Thanks for the reply!


This right here is the Choice Script bible passed down from generation to generation, from veteran devs to the aspiring newbie.