New to ChoiceScript and having issue connecting Chap1 to the end of Startup

I’m having trouble connecting the first chapter to the prologue, which is in the startup body

The error I’m getting is: “couldn’t load scene chap1. The file doesn’t exist.”

My code looks like this: the 1st ex. is the end of the ‘startup’, the 2nd is the beginning of the following ‘chap1’

You groan, steadying yourself against the tilted ground. “Hazel, please! Go!” you scream but when you turn back to look at her, she’s already gone. 

*goto_scene chap1
*label chap1
[b][i]Chapter One — Ghosts[/i][/b]

Throwing a quick glance at the mirror, I make up my mind - my outfit is too witchy. The Humanes don’t like it when one of us looks too... [i]us[/i] so I quickly opt to tone it down a bit. I take off the

    #floppy black hat
        *goto chap1_1
    #fitted lace gloves
        *goto chap1_1
    #gemstone-encrusted cape
        *goto chap1_1

Any help would be appreciated (=

Make sure your chapter 1 file is named “chap1.txt”, your directory might look something like this:

Also make sure that chap1 appears in your *scene_list like so:


*Sorry about the edits, was double checking exact problem


It seems you’re missing the file there.

you need to put all your files inside the startup.txt on *scene_list

startup.txt :


Here you seem to be starting your story.....


chap1 chap2 chap3 are the files chap1.txt chap2.txt chap3.txt you need to create.


Here you continue your story.

The startup.txt will be the first file that the program reads when you play the game. From there on, every *finish will jump to the next scene listed below the *scene_list.
If you don’t want to jump to the next scene you can *goto_scene and pick the scene you want to go to.

I recommend you take a look at this:

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