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Finally finished my first playthrough

This was a truly awesome read, lots of twists and lots of decisions with serious consequences. Easy 10/10


Great game so far.

I have a question about Lumm/Nate, though as an RO. It just seems to me like they don’t have any sort of attraction to you when you initially start trying to court them.

They smile at you and seem happy with your attention, sure, but they don’t reciprocate your kisses, and turn away when you try to kiss more passionately. Then you start “dating” but the game even points out that they really don’t seem that into you. And then they suggest you break up when they transfer away, which makes sense and even seems like that’s what they want.

Yet if you beg them to stay, they turn around and agree to stay together, and when you see them again, they are far more affectionate and, eventually, want to marry you and have a child with you.

Does the game ever explain why they were so distant before, why they never return your gestures, and what changed to make them suddenly into you?

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They’re part of the royal family and they have to take into lots of consideration on who they’re going to hang out with/romance and how far they’re willing to take it during whatever circumstance is taking place


It’s not explained, but I get the feeling that they really don’t know how to handle the dating game, and they’re going with “keep it slow.” They’ve grown up a bit next time you meet them and are more ready for a full relationship.


Is there a guide out re: how each of the choices affect stats? Or at least a way to get into the coding to see for myself?

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In fairness to Jackie., if you were persecuted for literally being born with some thing, you might be a little evil too. So I can kind of understand where they’re coming from with that. Besides once again, from what I understand it is Jay simply using her own soul, and well, it’s their own soul to deal with as they see fit. Although I guess with the whole god thing it’s a little bit more complicated.

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No, J is willing to burn others. Also, they’re extremely callous and indifferent to others’ suffering and don’t like a love interest who’s too goody-two-shoes.

Yeah, they got the short end of the persecution stick, but so have lots of people. Their choices are their own, and thus they’re evil.

If you have 60 charm (which is quite easy to get even without the LA), then you can romance them as a good character. And in the beginning of LH2, if you got them the special book they need as part of their companion quest and give them a choice whether to use the ability to burn other people’s souls, they actually decide for themselves that it’s wrong and they won’t. I’m not sure if that was because I had a good character that run (my evil characters usually say “Power is power” and encourage them to use it), or if that’s J’s default setting.

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Yep, they’d rather not use it unless absolutely necessary and even when you come up with the catalyst idea, they still need convincing because they think it’s too risky

Are there any walkthroughs or guides I can check out in the forum or online?

Not yet, best recommendation is just drop a question on whenever you need help with, somebody will probably answer

Hey I Just Wanted 2 Say I Thoroughly Enjoyed This Game & Was Wondering If There Will B A Book 2 Or Not?!


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Without unneeded spoilers, how do you romance Rachel?

Unfortunately, the spoiler is kind of needed.

Get marooned on a lost planet with her while having a strong relationship.

I’m not sure if anyone knows of any particular appearance that some of these characters have but, I shared this game with a friend who was soon very much into it.

So much so he developed a bit of an attachment to Kl’k, so when his birthday came around I wanted to give him a bit of a gift in the form of a rendered piece of his beloved boy in a tuxedo for the hangar party.

Would it be alright to share this?


I just buy this last night and already playing this game for 2 times although i always get paradox ending, and still gonna play this because it’s always my dream playing star trek themed game with narrative style, i honestly have no regrets buying this :+1::blush:

Also is there any guide to get every game ending?

If the paradox ending is the one I’m thinking of, you’re supposed to mimic your actions during the treehouse and bombing events exactly and you’re not supposed to deviate

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I still don’t understand, sorry I’m dumb :pray::pensive: