New Heart's Choice Game! "Dawnfall" by RoAnna Sylver

Well if you need more information on the route my character got there. Diplomatic, Caring but Lawful, Sister over Pirates mentality. No Romance only Work. But i Did get a movie scene it may have been a chapter before or after that was like two pages.

Okay, it would really help me if you can tell me more specifically where that happened. No worries if you can’t, but there are definitely no 2-page chapters in DAWNFALL, and in fact they are all 10k+, so yeah something went wrong.

I’ll have to reinstall the app but I’ll let you know.

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You’re a brilliant writer, thank you for contributing to what seems like a really exciting app :heart:

I have to say that even though I went into this expecting romance I ended up on my own lol. Strangely, the relationship I enjoyed the most was with Aeon - some really heartwarming sibling moments in there!

My character ended up being bitter and distrustful of everyone; I think I ended up shutting everyone down and leaving them disappointed lol, but I just couldn’t imagine my character suddenly trusting any of them after being betrayed and then threatened. It was actually really sad now that I think about it haha. Thank you though, it was a fascinating story.


Ahh thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it, even if yeah, I know some of the plot turns weren’t for everyone. But I really am happy that Aeon and the family feels resonated with you - even though HC is obviously romance, I tried really hard to not punish a player for not romancing anyone (whether they’re aromantic or not), and still make it a fun and fulfilling experience, and it sounds like I did that at least lol!


Oh gosh, I finished Dawnfall I think about a week ago? But, only just now sort of rediscovering the forums so previously I’ve only gushed about it to my friends or just on twitter. Point is, I have been gushing about it a lot because… Heck, I just absolutely adore this game… I loved all the characters and the writing is so great… The world building is absolutely wonderful and everything felt like I could see it so easily. It was super sweet and romantic and tbh I think Dawnfall ended up being like, one of my fav CoGs? Or, HCs, i guess ^^;

I don’t have much point aside from just gushing about it more to be honest!! But like I think this is more the place for it lol, to just get everything out of my system. I really love the idea of Heart’s Choice and Dawnfall left a super super great impression as far as being the first one I played. I would just adore to see more like it, it hit such a special and perfect little vibe for me ^w^

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