New Heart's Choice Game! "Dawnfall" by RoAnna Sylver

Oh gosh, thank you. I’m so, so happy you liked it, and yes, that is exactly what I was trying to do - write something specifically for a queer/trans/polyamorous audience, and make it feel as real as possible with dynamics not just between them/the PC, but them WITH EACH OTHER. Thank you so much for seeing that.

…Also dammit, thank you for that catch. This is the most annoying bug and I’ve thought it was fixed several times but apparently not. I’m going to need help with it I think.

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I really love your story.
But I cannot see romance for my character… I made her too loyal and she felt really betrayed by all the lies. She want to trust them and she is still kind to her circle and really worry about Zenith and Avery but… something broke.
But I made her opening to Oz, so maybe.

Really like it so far.


Glad you like it! Sorry that it was too much for your character, though. I know this story isn’t for everyone, no worries.

Just doing what I felt right for my character. And betraying is not something she take on lightly (even if it is just lies to protect her).
For me she is in a tough spot. She doesn’t want to help criminals but even if she is mad at her circle, they are still like family.
Logically, she is going to be sad and risk to close herself. In game she start with high synchronicity, but now she is more solo.
That’s how I played her so far :blush:


This game basically has all my favorite things: complex relationships that don’t revolve around the MC, platonic relationships being as valued as romantic ones, found families and sci-fi setting with aliens that aren’t boring blue humans (that we get to play with!) AND it’s hella queer.

I appreciate how the sci-fi setting wasn’t just uses for space stuff. I always wanna hear about small mundane details like chairs for aliens and gadgets and stuff like that, the things that ppl live with.
Plus, it’s always nice to have escapist settings rather than “racism/homophobia exists in every world regardless of context FEEL THE EDGE”.

I loved the crew and how they all had diff connections to each other but were strongly connected as a whole (like Oz and Zenith being basically sibs). I personally really like that all the characters have their own lives and aren’t sitting around waiting for me to play with them, and we only learn about them if we make the effort to get close - makes it feel like they’re their own people who don’t exist to entertain me.

I also really enjoy poly romances so I loved seeing the diff kinds present in the game. The triads were v carefully done and felt v inclusive, with the circle one being a classic meshing of tropes I enjoy. And if you weren’t in a triad you had to respect your partner’s right to have their own relationships, rather than them being just your personal toys.

This game did a lot of things I’m usually resigned to seeing only in fan content, and it felt incredible. I am looking forward to more works from this author!


Thank you so much. This is EXACTLY what I was trying to do, and I’m so glad you see it. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. I’m never sure if I’ve gotten it right, and giving queer/trans/polyam/aspec players a welcoming and fun experience (as opposed to what we usually get) is so, so important. You GET It. Thank you. This game was for you.


there’s no “spicy scene” in chapter 8? just the mention that you “did it” when mc wakes up in Gwen’s bed, like out of nowhere.


Seriously? Movie knight with Princess Bride? That’s a real good one, you know your classic :wink:.

Romance are sweet, but I think that my favorite relation was with Aeon.

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I didn’t realize it was inspired partly by TP, one of my favorite Disney movies next to Mulan and Aladdin. I can see the characters in my head better knowing that.

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Thank you. So much. The way you’ve handled this is incredible and I’m just kind of blown away right now by everyone here. Holy heck.

Also @lordlorac and @LJ_Phoneix I see you two are folks of discerning movie taste as well, lol!


To shift the discussion back to the game…

So, finished my first playthrough of the game.

Didn’t get everything I wanted; sadly-seems that not lying to Aeon killed my chances to romance the Ghost Queen, but getting a nice happy ending for everyone involved is enough.

The game very much throws you deep into the world at the start which was a touch disorienting-I found my feet eventually, but a glossary( if a small one to not be immersion-breaking) might be worth for those who still have trouble finding stability at the start.

As for characters…
My favorite has got to be Gwen- I’m a sucker for her type and not being able to romance her in the end is my one regret, even if it was because of the next character being done so well.

Aeon was a very good Inspector Zenigata to Gwen’s Lupin. Doubly so due to the connection between the two. And she was a good older sister.
Though… I do wonder if making her more of an Inspector Javert might have added more of a harder bite to the plot.

Oz… the relationship with Rune was cute indeed, and so were the memory trips. And seeing the happiness at getting Rune back made it all worth it.

Averis- definitely was the down-to-earth part of the group and I kept him that way. Nice how polar opposites work together so well.

Zenith-the pie in the sky to counteract Averis. My character was more in tune with hir, and xie definitely made up his lost time being out of play in the first half after the prologue.

Rune…I know we got to know them through Oz’s memories and a bit after we bring them back…but I wish we had a bit more time to get to know them; their lack of development is a minor flaw for me, since it makes them feel more like a MacGuffin for the rest of the crew, rather than an actual character…though maybe pulling a relationship with them might change that.

Vyrnatrix…he ends up being the only darkness in the sea of grey in this game, which I know was needed…but I feel he needed just a bit more development. Or at least more impact.

Funny how I come out of a story that was meant to be more focused on romance and not nab anyone in the end and yet still be mostly fine with that. It’s a testament to the strength of the story itself, with having mostly a sea of grey, but still just enough white and black to play the dashing heroics if need be; characters that (mostly) excel, and a universe that does amazingly well at building itself in one story, while not making the player lost…even if it throws a lot at you at the start.

That, or maybe this just tickled my Sci-Fi biases really well. :stuck_out_tongue: Either way…I am quite glad this is my first jump into Heart’s Choice( though I will have to gladly do another play through to see the more raunchy aspects of it) and I do hope that my dives into the other three starters go just as well.

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Fixed that spoiler for you, mate.

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Much obliged. Where did I screw up?

Also, found this in my run:


I’m so glad you liked it! Seriously thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. I find myself wanting more Rune too and wondering if down kind of dlc or bonus thing might be possible. (also! There is a glossary at the bottom of the stats page if that helps!)

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Could someone tell me what the goals mean please I’m a bit confused

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Bonds: how much the crew trusts you/each other
Ley Lines: the structural integrity/‘health’ of the universe
Day Dawns: this, but for the Dawnfall
A Queen’s Trust: how much you’re helping the Ghost Queen accomplish her aims
A Knight’s Quest: This but for Aeon
A Ghost Story: How close you are/how much you’re helping Spoiler Cutie