New Heart's Choice Game! "All World Pro Wrestling" by David Monster & Jim Dattilo

So, I’ve been wondering what y’all thought of the AWPW side stories?

In particular, what did you think of the light branching?


They have branching? I didn’t buy them, because the email described them as “a special non-interactive set of short pieces in the world of the game”.

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I haven’t had a chance to read them properly yet (they’re longer than I anticipated), but I did take a quick look when I bought them. I loved the first few pages of Stan’s story in particular, since he’s my favorite character, and I loved getting to see more of his backstory as well as some heartfelt character moments (something I always craved more of in the game itself). And I was pleasantly surprised by the light branching - it feels a little weird having a say in the progression of a story when I’m not one of the characters, but for erotica in particular I think it’s a great idea since people often have such different tastes, and this way more people will be able to read a scene that interests them. It also makes for greater reread value than you’d generally expect from a collection of bonus stories, which is especially welcome since this bonus was a little more expensive than most.

I did wonder why there wasn’t more of an announcement when the new stories were released - nothing that I saw on the website or forum, anyway, and no notification from the omnibus app. If I hadn’t happened to look in my “Promotions” inbox, which I almost never do, I wouldn’t have known the new stories existed.

Very light branching. The stories are written in the third person, so you aren’t directly controlling any character. And instead of being prompted to make a choice every couple of pages, you’re prompted to make maybe two or three choices over the course of the entire story. I don’t know that I would really call it interactive, since the text isn’t actually responsive to your choices, but there is definitely branching. Basically, the author wrote three versions of each sex scene and you get to decide which one you feel like reading.

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Ok, thanks, I might actually check them out then!

So, I finally got a chance to read these stories with my full attention.

I had a lot of fun reading them. The light branching is slightly jarring, but not really in a bad way - reading a third-person narrative just allows my brain to settle into a particular groove where it doesn’t expect to be called upon to make a choice. But I did enjoy getting to decide how the scene would play out. As I observed earlier, it works particularly well with erotica, allowing the reader to create their own sexiest version of the story (or simply go along with what seems truest to the characters, as I did).

“Sex Fed” is by far the weakest of the three. Whereas the other two stories brought back characters I remembered fondly from the game itself, “Sex Fed” opens with several pages going into detail about the careers of guys I’ve never heard of and have no reason to care about. Inconsistencies in the use of past and present tense aren’t quite bad enough to be confusing, but they make for mildly unpleasant reading. A couple of minor characters from the game show up briefly but don’t really contribute anything to the story. The pacing and other narrative flaws even out when the championship match begins, and that’s when I really began enjoying the story, although I never felt particularly invested in any of the characters or the outcome of the match - I just didn’t know them well enough.

Adam’s story is the one that feels most similar to the game, with its signature mix of over-the-top sexual shenanigans and surprisingly tender (b)romance. The last line confirmed a longtime suspicion of mine, yet still managed to surprise me in the process.

Stan’s story is far and away the best, and I don’t just say that because Stan is my favorite character from the game. His story is the only one of the three I would have enjoyed independent of the game itself. Unlike the comedic/erotic romps of Adam’s story and “Sex Fed,” Stan’s story put my heart through the wringer. It was, by turns, painful, hopeful, infuriating, and triumphant. (It must be pointed out, however, that there are continuity discrepancies between the story and the game.)

Overall: this is a good little collection of stories, easily worth the purchase price. I wouldn’t mind seeing another volume of AWPW bonus stories, or seeing a collection of stories like this for another game.


I finished this one a few weeks ago. So… if you told me beforehand that I needed a gay wrestling IF book in my life, I would have said, “No, I do not need a gay wrestling IF book in my life.” And yet, now that I have experienced most of my existence where I did not have a gay wrestling IF book in my life followed by a few weeks of my existence where I did have a gay wrestling IF book in my life, I can most assuredly agree that I do need a gay wrestling IF book in my life.

This made me laugh several times and made me blush several more times. But know what it also did? It also friggin’ made me sit on the edge of my seat. Specifcally, the Battle Royal – wow! I was so engaged during that scene. I almost felt like I was actually in the ring. I’ve read a few Choice of Games/Heart’s Choice/Hosted Games now, and none of the others, even the one I’d rank in my #1 spot, had a moment that kept me quite as enthralled as All World Pro Wrestling’s Battle Royal! (I won, BTW – even though my MC wasn’t the best wrestler, I used the knowledge I’d gained before and during the battle to come out on top!)

As a minor criticism, the last scene felt a little anti-climactic to me. By that point, I’d already found out my MC’s status with the league and solidified his romantic relationship. But then, I got a final scene with one of the other wrestlers (Dyer, I think, but it’s been a few weeks now, so I may be confusing some characters), where I was going to help him train. It wasn’t a bad scene at all, but it felt a little less important to my character’s overall narrative than the bits that had just been resolved in the preceding scenes. I guess, basically, I liked all three resolutions (league status, RO status and actual final scene), but I would’ve preferred them cascade in a different order.

I ended up in a relationship with Mandrew and will probably play it again at some point going for someone else. As far as my MC’s wrestling career, he ended up getting a place as a Senior Trainee but not getting a contract. I also had some sort of “don’t tell anyone about this” private match/show, but it apparently was not the one I get Achievement points for :smiley:

Question: When it comes to my fellow wrestlers, can my choices make an impact on who all gets a contract and/or gets a place as a Senior Trainee? In my game, all five of the other guys got places as Senior Trainees, three were offered contracts and one was put on probation (it may have been a different term than “probation”). Is that the same in every game, or can that change based on my MC’s actions?

tl;dr review: If you read the description and think this sounds interesting, give it a shot. You’ll probably like it.

I hope there is a sequel soon!



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