New Game?


This is my first time making a CoG game. I could use any ideas for a game. Thank you in advance.


Try looking through this thread:


Wow! Never saw that. Thanks!


I have yet to see a CoG in the Western genre.

  • Wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland
  • Slice-of-life
  • Survive a slasher movie

But really, if you don’t have an idea you are completely psyched about on your own, it will become a chore, and you probably won’t finish writing the game.

Also, start small! Do something to limit the scope of the game, like set it on a tiny uninhabited island, or write a single important day in your character’s life. Better to begin with a short finished game than several false starts (like I have cluttering my hard drive).


Horace is right about starting small. Remember: Whatever you’re planning is always going to be a lot bigger than you imagine.


Thanks to all of you!


i agree with @HoraceTorys a survivie a slasher movie would be grat