New ChoiceBeat!

The new issue of ChoiceBeat is here!

This is the issue in which I indulge my secret desire to captain a spaceship. If my reviews of Asteroid Run: No Questions Asked and Apex Patrol put you in the mood for interplanetary adventures, there are coupons for 30% off each game. I’ve also reviewed Insert-Rich-Family-Name, the latest from C.C. Hill, who published The Midnight Saga: The Monster through Hosted Games last year.

Among other articles and reviews, you’ll find a feature on French experimental literary collective Oulipo. Their work was most recently mentioned on this forum in the Zoo-pocalypse release thread in the context of the feasibility of telling a story without ever revealing the main character’s gender, but their experiments also extended to some pioneering ventures in interactive fiction. Readers looking for something a little more down-to-earth should appreciate an article on the use of content warnings and the review of a book that touches on psychological aspects of game design.

There’s also a flowchart. Flowcharts are cool.

Let us know what you think!


EEEKKKK!!! That quote below gives me life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you so much for the review. I will share the link to this issue on my Tumblr.

“As in The Midnight Saga, Hill excels at character customization and making it meaningful, with details of the PC’s family heritage, appearance, and sexuality reappearing throughout the story. Her fans know she loves to write steamy scenes, too, and she hasn’t pulled many punches here—the sex scenes are less elaborate than in The Midnight Saga, but still quite explicit.”


You’re very welcome!

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Ooh how lovely and what an exciting thing to see!!! I made a beeline to the Asteroid Run review first for obvious reasons - it’s wonderful to see it getting attention as it’s such an underrated gem - but I’m so looking forward to diving into the rest. I have The Stillness of the Wind lurking on my to-play list from… a long time ago so it’ll be fun to read more about it!


I knew you’d like this issue! :wink: I always play the games I review in ChoiceBeat several times, and I had a lot of fun seeing as much as I could of Asteroid Run.

I’d never heard of The Stillness of the Wind, but copyediting the article left me intrigued. (That happens a lot when I copyedit ChoiceBeat!)


Great issue. I especially liked the Oulipo piece-- I knew about A Void and some of their other experiments, but not about their IF work…