Nested text

I don’t think that’ll pass Quicktest?

If you’ve turned on ICF or use a *fake_choice (grumble grumble) here, you don’t need to use a *goto at all. (Unless the *label GenShop where the story continues is somewhere other than right after the choice. If so, then you should indent the *goto at the same level as the *choice or *fake_choice, not the level of the *ifs or the #options. The single *goto in that case is where you want the code to go after all the detailed choice stuff is dealt with; so don’t put it at the level of the choice details, put it at the level of the story pre-choice, which should be the same indent level as your *choice/*fake_choice command.)

Otherwise, with a regular *choice, each #option needs its own *goto. Pretty sure QT will throw an error otherwise.