Need a reminder: How do I do these determinators?

I know there’s a way to have an *if etc with various determinators that are unrelated to each other.

like if I have something like this:

*if (((A = 1) and (B = 1)) or (B = 2))

It means that it’s either triggering if A and B are BOTH 1 or if B is 2.
But what if I want something to trigger if, e.g. A and B are both 1 OR B AND C are both 2.

Do I write it like this:

*if ((((A = 1) and (B = 1)) or (B = 2)) and (C = 2))

Because I remember vaguely there was a way to NOT have an onslaught of ( at the beginning of the *if and still have things work as intended.

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I’m not aware if there’s such a command. I’d just pull them into a *goto line instead.

*if ((A = 1) and (B = 1))
  *goto merge
*if ((B = 2) and (C = 2))
  *label merge
  Text here.

That would be

*if ((A = 1) and (B = 1)) or ((B = 2) and (C = 2))

Generally, I find it best to break up long conditionals into multiple lines. If they’re homogenous, all and or all or, that’s one thing, but if you’re mixing both in a single line, it can get hard to follow.

Stacking conditions above eachother as ColossalKitten did is one method, effectively oring them together; nesting one condition within another is equivalent to and.

Another method that can be useful if you have a lot of possible conditions that might trigger the code is to set a *temp variable tracking them:

*set num 0
*if (A = 1) and (B = 1)
   *set num 1
*if (B = 2) and (C = 2)
   *set num 2
*if (C = 3) and (D = 3)
   *set num 3


*if num >= 1
   Text here.

Keep in mind that the order matters; whichever true condition is listed last will set the final value of the *temp variable. (Or use *elseif if you want to only pick the first condition that’s true, instead.)

Then you can use that temporary value to flavor the text displayed with a multireplace, even if it doesn’t change anything mechanically:

@{num The pine trees are|The mountain is|The sea is} beautiful.

If you want a bit fancy, try

*if B = 1
   *if A = 1
*elseif B = 2
   *if C = 2

Well, I’m trying to reduce the total wordcount, so…

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