Putting 3 or more variables in a *elseif/*if

So, just ran into something that I need 3 values to do correctly, but not quite sure of the formatting.
Normally I do something like this:

*if (X =true) or (Y=true))

That’s for 2, but not sure if something like this,

*if (((x=true) or (y=true) or (d =true))

will work, so. If anyone could help clear this up? Would be grateful. Anyway, I hope that everyone who reads this has a good weekend.

*if (((x) and (y)) and (z)) is acceptable format for three.

I believe the above needs an additional left parenthesis:

*if ((x) or (y))

Note this thread:

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Basically if you are using boolean values for check then this is acceptable

*if ((x or y) or d)

but if you are using checks write in following format

*if (((x > 10) or (y > 10)) or (z > 10))
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