Name variables when it comes to input underline text

So, I am running into a problem with my name variables. Well, more a coding issue.
Right now, I have my name variables set up like this, in the label all the names go to:
*set mc_fullname “mc_first mc_surname”

It’s coming out as, mc_first mc_surname.
The reason I’m not putting the names in each name choice ie because I am not sure what to do with the imput_text, as it’s by defenission, your own text.
So, the end of this ramble is that I am not quite sure how to set up name variables correctly. Put each, *set name “text” in the name choice, or at the end, or what not?

I don’t know what seems to be the issue here. But if it’s about the input_text, just type it like this

What is your name?
*input_text mc_first

Which family are you from?
*input_text mc_surname

*set mc_fullname ("${mc_first} ${mc_surname}")
Is your name ${mc_fullname}?

This works every time for me. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Edit: forgot to input ${}

Try this it should work now

*set mc_fullname “${mc_first} ${mc_surname}”

Output for ${mc_fullname} should be ‘alaric eye’ for example. If you want first letter to be capital, write

*set mc_fullname “$!{mc_first} $!{mc_surname}”

Output for ${mc_fullname} then should be ‘Alaric Eye’.

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A, that’s fixed now. Thanks for the help, smily.

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