My top WIPs as of right now


@ToxicDreams seems still working on it, although I’m not sure whether it is still a priority or not.

I’d hate it as well if the Dragon Racer go die :cry:


Author’s tears. :sob:

Okay my top WIPs are;
-War of the West
-From ashes we rise
-Monsters of New Haven
-others. (I forgot their title.)


Meeeeh. No need to humble yourself or I’ll remove your WIP from my list :raised_hand:t5: :grimacing:

Besides, what else are you expecting from… *peers over his own thread

Well, your WIP reach 1k comments in just about a month and incites a civil war in this once-a-peaceful community. So, yeah.


Yeah, but the community was just fighting the RO battles. :joy:

Also Sea Maiden. Love that WIP.


Aaand Children of the Gods… Andddd United we Stand?


Keeper of the Sun and Moon and Guenevere.


These are the ones I’m looking most forward to.

For sequels: Community College Hero 2 and Way Walkers 3.

For originals: Keeper of the Sun and Moon, Supernaturals in New York, Freak: Amidst the Neon Nights, Guenevere


My favourite WiPs (not in any particular order)

Kingdoms: A man’s Journey
The Wayhaven Chronicles
Monsters of NewHaven High
Magician’s Task
Through Broken Lenses
Freak: Amidst Neon Lights
Children Of Gods
From Ashes We Rise (it’s a dead wip I guess but still I really liked it)
Fallen Hero


Oooo there’s so many good ones!

My fav’s so far are as follow:


Fallen Hero

Children of the Gods

Model Citizen’s Unmasked

Beast in the Castle

Wayhaven Chronicles


Thanks to everyone who has mentioned The Magician’s Task!

I don’t test a lot of WIPs but my favorite would have to be Guenevere.


I’ll just mention the ones I’m looking forward to the most:
Monsters of New Haven High
Model Citizens: Unmasked
Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil

I have to add The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia, Have Human, Will Travel and the third part of Samurai of Hyuga here too!


@TheBum It’s not dead, nowhere near. I have a bit left to write I just can’t get into it really. :grin:

  • Monsters of New Haven High
  • BREACH: The Archangel Job - Crime Thriller
  • Kingdoms: A Man’s Journey


Well, most of the people who replied have the common WIPs mentioned. Guess the hype’s real, huh?


Model Citizens and Totem Force are the ones I’m really loving right now. Though I like every WIP I come across lately, everyone is so good… :flushed:


The WIPs I most follow:
Kingdoms: A Man’s Journey
England 1519, in the court of Henry VIII
Through Broken Lenses
The oval office

Does the sequel to Lords of Aswick count as a WIP?


So far, my top favorites in no particular order:

-Breach The Archangel Job
-Keeper of the Sun amd Moon
-The Wayhaven Chronicles
-Although no demo yet but it is still WIP, Samurai of Hyuga 3
-Highlands Deep Waters (Even though I haven’t finished the demo yet but I love mysteries)


Not recent but…
-All the replica trilogy
-I think this one is called “empty shell”?
-From ashes we rise
-Dragon racer
And a bunch of other ones that I can’t recall

-of beasts and humans
-Freak admits the neon lights
-through broken lenses


Yeah, that and “The War For The West” were the most applied WIPs here.


Not dead at all, actually. @Wraith is just really busy.