Murder in Berlin question

Is there any way to find out who the real murderer is and have him arrested with complete evidence of him being the culprit (that isn’t fabricated?)

I can’t find a way to do it. I have tried arresting everyone in all three ways, and I’m not able to. I must have played this game about 16 times now and I still can’t do it. Someone please spoil me on if its possible and if so, how to accomplish it.

Ok, when I wrote it, I deliberately didn’t want there to be a ‘right’ way to do it, I wanted all the paths, the endgames, to have their merits and flaws.

What I will say without wanting to give away too many spoilers is that with a bit of nous you should be able to work out the killer and the motive but that doesn’t mean you will charge him. You can never get an entirely watertight case without fabricating the evidence bit this is one of the moral choices I wanted to force the player in to. Basically, there is no right and wrong answer although some of the endings are more fun than others in my opinion and there are of course happy and sad ones.

That’s a shame. I have to admit I was roleplaying this as an Agatha Christie novel in a fun new setting, so I was expecting there to be a way to solve the case and prove someone guilty with nothing but the little grey cells.

It was still an enjoyable game, and the different endings were a lot of fun. I just wish I knew about the lack of parlor scene before I replayed the game 14 times :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, and sorry it wasn’t quite to your taste! (and that you had to play it 14 times, no one should have to do that!)