Multiple Stat Screens & The Latest Version of Choicescript


From looking at the code I can’t see anything else wrong, but since there’s no error message - I don’t have a lot to go on.
It may not even be a problem with this, you may have mistyped a variable in mygame.js or something.

Is the game online? If it is PM me a link and I can take a closer look.


@CJW I don’t use mygame.js. And no, it’s still in my folder. Could it be because I don’t use mygame.js?


No, it won’t be because you don’t use mygame.js - Do you know how to use javascript debugging consoles on any of the browsers?


@CJW Alas, I’m not the tech-know type. I know how to write. I have half the game down. (In short, no)


I’m using the demo/template and I’m getting an error message telling me that “title” is non-existant command. That makes sense, but I’m not sure how to fix it.


@initdoby5 @adjppm1227
There’s only so much I can guess at when provided with limited information, unless you can get me an actual error message or (better) give me a copy of your game, I can only guess at what’s wrong - which would leave us here for days.

As for your “title” thing, that’s not an error with this mod, that’s something to do with raw choicescript - *title is a new command, maybe you have an old version of CS?

There’s an article on IE’s script debugger here:

If you use the debugger it *should* tell you what the problem is, once it does that, if you come back and tell me, I’ll be able to help you.


@CJW I used the debugger and two errors came up.

One: HTML1412: Malformed comment. Comments should start with "<!-- ".
dd565625, line 742 character 3

Two: SEC7115: :visited and :link styles can only differ by color. Some styles were not applied to :visited.

Also, these came up.

013-05-01 17:41:0:997 : Loading comments…
2013-05-01 17:41:01:138 : Comment web service returned 10 comment(s)…


@adjppm1227 Check your index.html file, look for that malformed comment - and any other possible mistakes.


@CJW Alright, I’ll try that…

…and it doesn’t make sense. It says that the mistake is one line 742, but my index only goes to 105.

So I tried playing my game again, and, for some reason, it says, “This is an example game. This game requires JavaScript; please enable JavaScript and refresh the page.”

So thus, I have a question. How do you enable JavaScript?


That would depend on the browser, but it should be enabled by default?


@CJW My thoughts exactly, but it never hurts to check.

Ugh. It’s enabled, but it says it’s not enabled.


…Strange - Have you tried another browser? Firefox maybe?


@CJW Google Chrome gives me the same infinite loading as Internet Explorer, and I have no Firefox.


Chrome doesn’t allow javascript to run locally (offline) - so that’s not a particularly reliable comparison :confused:


@CJW See what I mean? I don’t know these things! Grrr.

Anyway, can you download Firefox? Maybe I can try that one.


I missed this thread when it first came out, but I’m finally starting to monitor the forums a little more closely now.

The standard way I’d expected people to do “multiple” stat screens is not to have multiple stat screen buttons, but to put a *choice in choicescript_stats.txt. (Life of a Wizard does this.)

When you do that, the Next button will always take you to another stat screen, so to get back to the game, you have to click on “Return to the Game” at the top of the screen. Otherwise, it should work.

If you do it with multiple stats buttons, I have no way to integrate that with the iOS or Kindle version if/when you submit your game to our Hosted program, which doesn’t really have room for multiple stats buttons.

Adding a second button to the top menu
Does anyone know how to add another stats page?

@dfabulich A thousand time thank you!

Solution: delete my folder (after transferring my game to a word document for a time), then reload the folder (I’ve really fucked up my scene/ui/index), then recreate my stats screen as multiple stats screens in one. Ingenious (in a fashion)! Another thank you. :smiley:


Without consulting @dfabulich’s message, I decided to just consolidate my stats in one screen with separate sections. Thanks though, @CJW !


You’re welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s true, I keep forgetting you can do that in the new versions - thanks!
Such a method makes this pretty redundant, so I’ll close the thread.