More drawings more fun? polls!

Hi everyone!
This is my first post and I’m already apologizing if I did something wrong (just in case), but back to what I have came here for, I want to know what you think about some aspects of my (apparently never ending) game.
Just rambling here ↓…

It all begun a long time ago, I started with the idea of writing an IF story on my free time as the ones I was reading. Lately I have been having a lot of time to spare so my progress went up like 1000%. I don’t know really how much more it will take me because I’m not a writer and for that reason and this being my first try I realized that with the few things I have learned I have to rewrite the first chapter already (at least the first one).

More unblured rambling ↓…
Thinking about the future I started to research and I found that I have to deliver the whole book with the icon and the cover art, I read about some artist charging between $60 to $300 for a drawing and I decided to buy a drawing pad instead, I always wanted to learn to draw so it was kind of the perfect excuse. Not knowing a thing about the subject I forced myself to learn and from not being able to draw a simple stick man to where I’m today I kind of don’t believe what I can do. (to clarify: I don’t consider myself an artist nor I’m trying to praise myself. I’m not saying I’m awesome at drawing because I’m probably not, I just thought I was never going to be able to do what I did on that short time span).

I think I’m relatively close to finish the drawings from the cover-art but I don’t mind to do more, in any case, I will like to know your opinion about it.

I think that…

  • More drawings are always better.
  • The cover-art is enough.
  • This is an interactive fiction, not a toddler book.
  • I don’t mind having visual stimulation while reading.
  • Do whatever you want.

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The drawings should be…

  • About everything really, characters, landscapes, monsters, weapons, cities and buildings, whatever…
  • Only characters, the rest I can use my imagination.
  • Only non characters things, I want to imagine them on my own.
  • I said no drawings please.

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If I see drawings I want them to be…

  • Realistic and detailed, because yeah, that’s prettier.
  • A bit more than a sketch, some details won’t hurt.
  • Rough sketches will do.
  • Just focus on writing and stop this.

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Drawings should be…

  • Only for the main important scenes so I know that’s a key moment.
  • About anything that could be visually appealing (spectacular landscapes, detailed weapons/objects, emotional moments?, >insert your idea of a nice drawing here<, even if it doesn’t add to the center of the story.
  • Whatever, I’m okay with or without drawings.
  • Don’t over do it man, just write and be happy…

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Thanks for your vote!

(English isn’t my main language so, I’m sorry if I misspelled something)

Is there something I missed? want to give me some advises?.. critics?.. am I obsessed?..


Haven’t voted yet, will once I thought about it.

So, first: hi and welcome to the forum.

Two: practice with image resolution and size. There’s a game in the library of 94 or sich MB because the artist/author forgot to resize the images.


Hi, Thanks for the welcoming! I really haven’t thought about that, the size of the game will increase drastically if I add more drawings. I’ll keep an eye on that, good tip btw. Thanks!

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more drawing usually could mean that a loading page of the game can lag . Keep that in mind , unless you give peoples a toggle at the beginning for those who dont want to see any drawing (lot of peoples play these games on their tini miniscule phone :P) .

My opinion would be : Don’t over do it . Landscapes and such are nice but not necessarly needed . We got our imagination for that .

Drawing characters is a big no no for me , cose then you are killing my imagination by giving a face thats not of my choosing to said character .

draw for fun and see where that lead you…:wink:


I have a LG G4 with tons of app and some times more than 95% of the memory full and never had a game lagging enough to become annoying, though they don’t usually have lot of pictures.
The toggle is a good idea though, I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks!

First off, welcome and good luck to you!

Personally I don’t mind drawings, but they don’t really do much for me. I don’t dislike them though, so long as you don’t use them in lieu of text.

RE: if I see drawings I want them to be…

I don’t really want to vote in the level of detail so much as: make sure it’s a consistent style. Sketchy conveys a different feel than realism, and that is different from comic book style. Whatever works best for your level of skill, and what you feel looks best with your story.

I run on bad DSL internet. I get 74 Mbs on a good day with no background processes running. If you have a picture, it takes anywhere from 1-8 seconds to load, and reformats my text layout abruptly. (In other words: if you have a toggle I will love you forever.)


Thanks for the welcoming. So, a toggle button for the lady, noted. I appreciate your input! Thanks!

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Just wanted to jump in that internet connection won’t be an issue once you have the game in your phone (assuming it got hosted on HG). All data are downloaded in bulk at once, so adding toggleable image won’t necessarily do anything with internet performance.

However, this isn’t the case if you use sites like dashingdon to upload a demo of your game, since the site only downloads a bit chunk of relevant data per request basis.


I guess that’s true, but @catorrina said she had problems with images, I don’t know how she play to get that lag.

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I assume that happened on off-site hosting sites, like dashingdon.

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Well, the idea is to put it on hosted games (i hope so) so I think maybe that shouldn’t be an issue?

If you submit it to CoG so they can publish it as Hosted Games, then yes, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, CoG requires you to hold a public demo – private or open – and this requires you to host your game somewhere.

In the end, for better testing purpose, having toggleable image is the best.


Right, I wasn’t discarding the option anyway, I’ll add the toggle for the sake of @catorrina and the poor souls with bad internet speed. Thanks!

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For the most part, Szaal is right about the dashingdon thing. I also occasionally jump between computers and run on the browser versions of CoGs, but that’s more of a me problem, and nowhere near the norm.

Looking back too, I hope my comment didn’t come across as too aggressive. ^^’ It sounds grumpy to me, but wasn’t intended as such! (And thanks in advance for the toggles! It really does help, especially since dashingdon tends to get stuck on pages when the internet is slow, and I get to reset the entire WIP if I forgot to save)

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Aggressive? I don’t know what you mean. That’s the purpose of this post, to make me fix things before they even become a problem for you and everybody else. If you just have something to say I don’t mind the way you do it as long as the message its in there. So thanks for pointing that out, I’ll add toggles for sure, I didn’t think about them yet but I don’t think they would be much harder to do speaking of code. Anyway, thanks again, I hope I can finish this some day, procrastination is a b*tch…

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