Missing : after property id


Does anyone know what

missing : after property id

means I get an error message about window.nav but I have never even seen a file like that.


Do you have the latest version of Choicescript? I have only had that kind of error when I was using an old version.


As far as I know yes. It was working earlier its just recently gone weird.

Either way I’ve redownloaded choicescript and going to see if rewriting everything will help me spot what I’ve done to break it.


the other error message is window.nav is undefined?


It’s ages since I’ve had this, but if I recall correctly it was one of those slap-head moments. My guess is a problem with mygame.js (missing colon or space, or a semi instead of a full colon, or an extra space in there, or even spaces at the end of a variable line–something preventing it from properly finding a variable’s default value when first loading, or similar). Moreover, once you solve this problem I think you’ll find the windows.nav one will disappear, as that tends to follow on from a mygame.js problem, if memory serves.

If your text editor allows you to highlight all tabs & spaces (with such as Textpad the option is simply View–>Visible Spaces) turn that feature on when hunting for a strange problem. Extra spaces after some commands can cause an indentation bug in a scene.txt file, as well as this type of problem in mygame.js.

Worth a closer look in mygame.js before a total rewrite, anyway.



Thank you! that was exactly the problem I put a ; instead of a :

Edit: it did work but it seems to work on firefox but not ie so am uploading it to the website so i can check it.


newest error says

expected identifier, string or number

it loads via firefox but not internet explorer?


Hmm, that one again . . . Please try this–download a fresh copy of ChoiceScript (again), stick it in a new folder, and copy-paste all your existing game files over to the appropriate folders under that fresh install, then run the index.html for that version, using IE, and let us know the result.



nope didn’t work error now says

unterminated string constant? and the window.nav missing error is back


I have no idea about window.nav but I would GUESS that “Unterminated String Constant” means you’ve not close the string identifiers in your variables/set commands or similar?

Random Variable: “Hello”
Random Variable: "Hello <- Isn’t terminated

That’s how I would logically understand it anyway… o.O



I can’t see where there is a missing [ " ]

On the plus side I’ve redownloaded it and am slowly working through my files.

So far I’ve got the index, mygame and stats pages working right, now need to start getting the episodes back.


That might not be what the problem is, that’s just how I would personally interpret the error. Sorry I can’t be of much more help :frowning:



No need to apologise. I broke it not you. Thanks for trying to help!


It was worth a try–I’ve seen previous mentions of that particular rigmarole fixing the problem with the “expected identifier, string or number” error (although for the life of me I can’t see why it should, unless the problem lies with ChoiceScript itself . . . perish the thought! Likewise, running fine in one browser but not another is also worrying).

What I think we need is a helpfile dealing specifically with error messages, offering a better explanation. While some are pretty self-explanatory and easily solved, others are either very strange, poorly explained, or simply hard to track down . . . Perhaps a section devoted to this subject in the @Reaperoa guide?



that would help.

I’ve been copying my work and so far its working.


the Unterminated String Constant error uhhh i remember that crap, all i did was connect all the notepad files you have made like this
nav = new SceneNavigator([
and i deleted all the ones that is not in that sequence and it finally stopped bugging me.
lol the new error appearing now because of some changes i made in my story is the missing : after property id error. can anyone help?