Master List: ChoiceScript Games/WIPs Social Media (Tumblr, Twitter, Discord, Patreon)

Sorry, tried to find a link button on Tumblr to no avail.

This was very cool of you to do, and even cooler of you to continue updating for everyone. Cheers! :heart:


Kudos on all the hard work, it looks great.

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Thank you everyone, I really hope this list is helpful! :heart:


I’ve been meaning to come back to twitter for a year now(I used to tweet a lot when I was younger, but in Portuguese), since I think it can be a really good way to interact with people from the IF medium and promote your work, but I have a really hard time thinking of something clever to tweet about.


I think questions are always good icebreakers—like which genre is your favorite, what do you hate most in IFs?—as well as maybe screenshots of what you’re working on: I treat it as I’d treat posting here on the forums! But that might just be me lol, I’m not particularly clever!


you are a god
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I was asked to update this list with more WIPs, but I just want to reiterate that it’s a wiki and anyone can edit it and add their own games to it. (Just click the pencil icon that says Edit on the bottom-left corner of the post.) I’m currently too busy to hunt down all the recent WIPs with Tumblrs/etc., but if anyone needs help navigating the list or adding their game to it, feel free to ping me!


Hehe, thx for the heads up. Added my WIP for shills :innocent:

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I was hoping to create a Discord server for teens who play interactive fiction. :grin:
I don’t know if any teen would be interested in joining once it’s created :man_shrugging:t6:

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Oooo, a chance to advertise myself for free? Don’t mind if I do!

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What a wonderful list @rinari :smiley: Now I know how I will be spending my rainy autumn days …


Hi everyone, a user pointed out that this list would be more navigable (God that word doesn’t look right) if the games were in alphabetical order, so I went ahead and rearranged them! I also separated the lists out into Published and Works in Progress games. (With the advent of our new Hobby Project category, I should add that games that are “HPs” should also go into the WIP list. :slight_smile:)

Alongside alphabetizing, I also added release dates and dates of the WIP’s first posting to the forum columns. This was to preserve the old list’s roughly chronological order, which had older WIPs near the top and newer WIPs towards the bottom. I guess it can be useful to know how long a game has been in development?

If you collectively hate the new organization, I can easily revert to the old version (yay Discourse wiki technology)!

Finally, you may note that some WIPs’ statuses are listed as “WIP”, “Hiatus,” or etc. Please do not change a game’s status to anything but WIP unless 1) you are the author of said WIP or 2) you can link me to an official post by said author announcing a hiatus, etc. Do not change any statuses to hiatus simply because forum threads were automatically locked by the system over time, etc. Please respect this request!

Again, this list is only for ChoiceScript games, Hosted Games, Choice of Games, Hobby Projects, and CS WIPs that have other dedicated social media that readers might want to follow. Newer WIP writers who haven’t seen this thread yet, feel free to add links to your relevant social media! Others who may know WIPs not on this list, also feel free to add!

Thanks and enjoy!


Do you mind adding my WIP The Day After Ever After to the list? The author social media info can just be the same as what I have on there for The Parenting Simulator.

Link: The Day After Ever After: A Cinderella Story (WIP, 16,700 word update added 4/1/21!)


Wow, cool! Now seems like a good time to thank you for doing all this work, both before and now. It’s a great way to connect the COG/CSG communities on several social media to the forums.


No problem! I added TDAEA (?) to your entry in the Published list and added WIP after it, but would you rather it be its own separate entry in the WIP list? Up to you!

Thank you for the thanks, haha! It’s no problem at all, I agree that I’d love to see the overlapping and orbiting fandoms for the same projects connect! Authors can have so much content spread across different platforms that it’s good to have a place to keep track of it all. :slight_smile:


Hi! Do you know if Thom Baylay, The Evertree Saga’s and The Grimm and I’s author has tumblr?

Can a ‘tipeee’ account be put under patreon as well? it’s basically a europe-based patreon (thus easier for taxes if one’s in europe)

Hi, I don’t think it does, but you can always ask the author! Hope it’s okay if I tag: @ThomB

Sure, I don’t see why not!

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Thanks <3