Making longer choice text

So whats the limit to how much text you can put in each choice.
And is there a way to code it so i dont have to put it all on the one line in the code?

I don’t know if there’s a hard-coded limit… but I’d say if the text in the choice button goes on for more than 3 lines, you’ll risk annoying your readers.

Turn on Word Wrap in whatever Notepad version you’re using. Or hit Enter a single time to start a new line of code without adding a line break to your game.

I don’t believe there’s a limit, but a lot of text in the choices is probably going to make them look clunky and confusing.

If you want to put it on multiple lines, you could do something like…

*temp text1 "First sentence."
*temp text2 "Second sentence."
*temp text3 "Third sentence."

    #${text1} ${text2} ${text3}
        Choice Body

That would just print the three temp sentences without making your code have long lines of text for the choices. Might be more of a hassle than it’s worth if you use a lot of long choices, though.

I *try* to keep each choice no greater than a line of what I would normally see on a laptop (and I *think* a tablet/ipad - but it doesn’t correspond on a phone obviously!)

I don’t like it running into two lines because I think it looks funny… and for consistency every choice has the same overall “look” (it isn’t easy though!).

@havenstone hitting enter a single time seems to not work, as im doing this after a #choice, which seems to only work on the one line.
Also im using notepad++ and i dont really want it to
So i guess i dont know the best way to display 3 choices.
So in this game, there are 3 choices about who your retainer/bodyguard will be.
Technically only one of these 3 people will exist in the game, so i dont want to explain anything about the characters before the choice, but i would also like to give enough information about them to the reader as they choose. Unfortunately this has resulted in some lengthy choice descriptions.
Not really sure the best way to do it.

You can also explain everything after the player has chosen, and give them the chance to go back and choose again. Like:

*label choose_a_door
Which door do you want to open?

#Door number 3
You have chosen Door number 3! You’ve won a splendid new freezer! Do you want to keep it or do you prefer to close the door and choose another one?
#Go back
*goto choose_a_door
#Keep it
*goto after_game_show_we_gotta_carry_this_damned_thing_home_and_it_will_surely_break_down_in_just_a_couple_days

How do you choose your retainer/bodyguard? Do you interview them? Do you see adverts in the paper? Do they send in job applications?

@FairyGodfeather So its more of a case that your father has assigned a family friend to you as a retainer/bodyguard as your growing up. At this point Ive added the story of how they know your father to the #choice itself, as i didnt want to describe all 3 before you make the choice since only 1 of them will exist.
@Aquila I’ve already done that kind of thing before with when you choose the gender and the name, so i guess i can do it for this as well.
So the choices could be
#The Mercenary,
*goto mercenary_confirm
#The Bard
*goto bard_confirm
#The Gladiator
*goto gladiator_confirm

Then under the confirm screens, you would get the detailed description of the person, and you could go back or confirm.
Yeah i guess thats the only neat way ill be able to do it, thanks :slight_smile:


That’s looking good. Hm, two look like they’re effective at combat and one not so much.

I’m pretty sure the standard limit per choice is 15 words. That’s the limit I’m writing on, anyhow.

Oh i love bards that could be interesting i hope retainer includes poison and steal lessons