Making columns in ChoiceScript


I’m planning to make columns where column 1 would have stats, and column 2 would have the main story. From what I gather, < div class=“main” > seems to make up the bulk of the text, but I can’t find a way to separate stats from the story so that it goes into a separate column. Is this possible to do via style.css in ChoiceScript?



Not via style.css alone, since theyre separate files, the story and stats I mean. Also, I don’t think html formats properly in CS, so I don’t think you’d be able to build it that way either.


Ah, I was afraid of that. I was initially thinking of making a separate stats.txt file and adding that as a php includes file on the column I want, but haven’t tested that out yet. But thanks, anyway!


Goodness me, at that rate, why not just go out and make a modded command to insert a table node or something into the “main” div? That’d be far easier than the nightmare of having CS compile with PHP.


I wonder if you could make vertical columns through clever use of ____

It may not be what you are looking for aesthetically, but

If you were determined,_____value 1
and counted your__________value 2
characters, then you________value 3
could mimic columns________value 4

Haha that’s a terrible idea!


If you could solve this you should probably be a full-time programmer xD

I’m guessing it would refresh each time the game did, but you’d have to make sure you don’t have anything too complicated in your stats page. My Stats has gosubs that recalculate all the variables, I think it might cause choices to not update in time or possibly compound any changes, I’m not sure.