Magic is everywhere

everything is good… no better I think than any other roleplaying game sites… but one thing… why so much magic??? :pensive: almost 85% of cog or hosted games stories contain magic … kinda boring I think… I want more like It’s Killing time/ the great tournament/ swamp castle.

Even The Great Tournament has magic in it :grimacing:

Well, why magic? I think… maybe it’s because a fantasy story? After all, what is a fantasy genre without magic.


Magic is fun and the vast majority of us love fantasy. If you don’t want magic in these stories, you could always write your own realistic HG. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also swamp castle has magic in it as well

As said, people are writing what they enjoy! Just take a look at the big box office films these days and you’ll see similar—endless Marvel/superhero films, Harry Potter spinoffs, YA adaptations of empowered teenagers, a smattering of zombie/vampire/monsters, etc etc. These are just tried and true genres that are dear to people’s hearts and that have popular appeal.

But CS is free and available to anyone, so if you have an awesome idea that’s markedly different, please write it!


I agree with both sides. I know when I first joined and started playing I was questioning why there were so many hero style games and why magic was always in stories, but I can’t really say stop cos the stories I’m working on have it as well.

I think magic is such a broad topic that it’s hard not to add, especially for us who love and write fantasy. It’s actually a really fun thing to write because there’s no rules, it’s all up to the writer’s imagination and what they want. The beauty of magic. Combat with weapons, though fun as well, just doesn’t quite compare to magic. But I think that’s why most writers give you the option of either being more magical, or using weapons.


Yo i.
Even if you take a better look on it, each author has their own definition of "magic."
Magic as in throwing fireboll, magic as the way of communicating with spirits, magic as drawing symbols to cast a curse. Heck, even flying can counts as magic.

Someone should create a map of Magic Taxonomy.


yeah yeah yeah… got it… magic is good!! :smile:
recently i’ve played tokyo wizard… seems great to me… :yum:
but someone should try a realistic world like us in ancient era… will be great and different fun… where mc has to depend on his/her combat stats… :yum:

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People write what they enjoy writing. If they want to write worlds with magic, they will. If not, they won’t.

I will say that although my new WIP, the Magician’s Task, has magic in it, you mainly have to depend upon your skills and knowledge in order to accomplish your goals.


waiting!! :heart_eyes:

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It’ll be like two years til I finish it, haha. I do have a demo going, though.


I wouldn’t include zombies in magic - some researchers have found viruses that turn simpler organisms into effective zombies, and I don’t see why such a virus couldn’t evolve/exist for humans. Not to mention, certain chemicals can turn you into a zombie for some time, and diseases like Rabies turn people into similar things like the zombies in most zombie games/stories.


I think there’s actually more games with minimal to no magic than you think (although if you’re going to include sci-fi in that it does drop the number significantly.) I haven’t played all the games on the site, but if you look at the descriptions it looks like there’s a number ranging from divided we fall to Hollywood visionary.

I think the others have already summed up why so many games do have magic. We’re just writing what we like to read, ‘magic’ covers a wide area from mythological monsters to futuristic superheroes, and they’re pretty popular genres around here :slight_smile: