Lucktest not working and can't see why?

This simple lucktest doesn’t work and I can’t see why?
What should happen is, a random number of 1 to 12 is generated and compared to Luck. Luck has been defined in startup
Instead what happens is that the same score is generated over and over

here is the startup txt:

*create luck 8
*create lucky false
*create lucktext “lucky”

And now the gosub:

*label lucktestgosub
*temp lucktest 0
*rand lucktest 1 12
*if (luck > lucktest)
	*set lucktext "lucky"
	*set luck -1
	*set lucky true
	*set lucktext "unlucky"
	*set luck -1
	*set lucky false

here is the code that shows the score

   #Test your luck
		*gosub lucktestgosub
		You have been ${lucktext} with a score of ${luck}

This text always shows 7, I have tried changing {luck} to {lucktest} but that doesn’t show anything

Apologies, I can’t see what is wrong?

${luck} shows your current luck (created 8, minus 1 in subroutine, equals 7).
I am not sure about why it isn’t showing ${lucktest}. What is you create lucktest in startup instead of making it temporary variable?

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Thanks indeed, it’s fixed!
Really appreciate your help, I am going to have another coffee as I need it!

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Just as an explanation. Temp variables exist only in the place where they where created. So after coming Back from the gosub there was no variable called lucktext.


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