Love Interests in Choice of Games or Hosted Games

Prodigal from Hero’s Rise. Because; Be damned if you don’t, Chicken.


I loved Prodigal too, even as a former villain, too bad the chiken can’t be helped.


Lucky did have a really dumb name :laughing: at least go for something remotely relating to your powers like Bombshell or Kid Dynamite


I think the Tom romance might win most WTF??? romance for me. There’s little that can quite compete.


I never played Zombie Exodus (I don’t care for zombie stuff). What’s so WTF about it?

Oh boy. In a comparable way, I want you to picture your favorite RO from any game. Now imagine that that RO, from the very beginning of your romance with them, has been trying to kill you. That’s Tom’s romance in a nutshell. It comes down to a situation where either you kill him or he kills you. I ****ing love Tom, but he broke my heart.

I remember asking JimD if he planned to break my heart again in ZE:SH and he apologized in advance for it. :cry:


Ah I see. So do we know that from the beginning, or do we not find out until the very end? And why is he trying to kill you?

[spoiler]If you play like I did and pursued Tom as my first RO… No, you really don’t have any hints about what he’s up to. There’s one person who tries to warn you, but I wasn’t listening to him. I honestly called bullshit 'cause I thought the guy was just trying to save his hide, y’know? If you finished a playthrough before romancing him, then… yeah. You know about it.

Tom… is a complex character. He’s a character who you only realize they’ve gone off the rails the moment it’s too late. The watered down version of his reasons for wanting to kill you is because you posed a threat to his leadership.[/spoiler]


My happy ending with Tom was just a “Dream” :cry:, I’m expecting good things with ZE: Safehaven though and Jamie.


Thank you. Now I want to play the game. :slight_smile:


Click for Zombie Exodus Tom Spoilers

Well, to start with, I was introduced to Tom as the guy who absolutely refused to let Devlin on the boat, leaving Devlin to the mercies of the Zombie Apocalypse while the rest of us sailed away. Sure Devlin had been creeping on his sister, and likely deserved it, but still, that’s cold Tom.

Tom takes us to this Cathedral which we use as a sanctuary during the Zombie Exodus, and he’s the leader of our gang. He’s got a tendency to drink too much, and he doesn’t particularly like us, sending us off on really dangerous missions. And sure, one of his friends warns us about him. There’s all sorts of little clues there’s something not quite right with him.

Tom lost his wife, she died, during the apocalypse but he never says how, or wants to speak about it. Anyway, without the slightest previous hint that he might be interested in men, he threw himself at my character, he the leader who hates me, and it felt like a really WTF TOM??? moment to me. But sure, it’s the Zombie Exodus, he’s the leader, he’s feeling lonely and isolated, so we hook up, a few times.

And, there’s a point where your truck gets sabotaged, and you almost die, and one of your friends does die, and you’re forced to trek all the way back to the base. And who could possibly be the saboteur?

And near the end, where you can leave the Cathedral with the rest of the survivors, but Tom’s refusing to leave, and you can decide to stick with him, or leave with the others.

And so dear Tom, as a reward for sticking by him, through the hard times, ends up killing you, and your last thoughts as you’re dying from the poison, are that the entire game’s been a dream, and you’re actually a zombie being experimented on, and Tom is the doctor about to murderify you. It’s a really WTF TOM??? ending. Although it’s fantastic.

(He also probably killed his wife).


And now this is one of those games where I want to play it because I already know all the plot twists. Like Soylent Green. It’s people.

Is it still an enjoyable romance?


Well Zombie Exodus is a huge game. There’s lots of different plot strands, so you don’t know all the twists, just a few if you romance Tom. I thought it was a lot of fun.

I didn’t think either of the romances with the male characters were quite as integrated as those with the female characters, but all four definitely have their highlights.

Alright, I’ll try it. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Tom’s wife leave him 'cause she saw what he was becoming? He was obsessed with the cathedral before everything went to hell - if I remember correctly - and she wasn’t going along with it so she just left. Isn’t he ‘coping’ with that loss by saying that she died? That’s why he gets super defensive when you ask about it.


Yes you’re right @Lithophene Candace’s Ex boyfriend told you that before he left (cant remember his name), I tried asking Jimd about her fate and if she’ll be mentioned in Safehaven but he didn’t answer.

ZE Spoilers: You get different stories about what happened to her. Tom says she’s dead. His friend, Carl, says she left. I don’t have a copy so I can double-check, but I thought that one of the endings heavily implied, if not outright stated, that she tried to leave, and Tom killed her for doing so, and then hid the body.

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I meant to say this last night, but seconded! :blush: Admittedly, Jamie’s romance is gonna be a bit of a tough one to achieve if I remember correctly. Didn’t JimD say it was going to be that way since he’s your MC’s best friend and he doesn’t want to risk jeopardizing that? Personally, I’ve got my eyes on Lopez. I can already tell that I’m gonna love and coddle him. Lopez is the soldier that you find outside your house with the cut on his neck and the other soldiers tracking him down. Jim hinted at him being recruitable back in January.


I’m kind of a bit tired of zombies myself. Nevertheless, Zombie Exodus is easily one of the most popular and best written games here. The personalities of the various characters in the story are distinct and very vivid. Their interactions with the MC as well as with each other make this game a treat, and much more than just another exercise in zombie-killing and post-apocalyptic survival. Kudos to @JimD for creating that lovely gem.