Love Interests in Choice of Games or Hosted Games

  1. Gabriel (Breach: Archangel Job)
  2. Finch (A Study in Steampunk) I went all the way to the bad ending and oh boy things were so messed up that even though I’m a hardcore ‘good-ending only’ player, it’s a fitting ending in my opinion.
  3. Ortega (Fallen Hero) (m), he warmed my mc up in the second game (WIP though so he still had a long way to go)

Oh, I forgot Raquel from Breach: The Archangel Job. Though I find the means of gaining her approval kind of wonky. You either have to get shot alot so she can patch you up, or abuse a loop during an interrogation. The scenes with her are cute though. She’s like a cat.

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Maybe it’s different if you buy the game through Steam, but for me it works fine to save the game when I have saved a game in book one, So, as far as I can tell, it’s just wrong that book two doesn’t have a save system if you have saved a game in book one, unless you mean something completely different from me when you talk about a save system. But I agree that it is a bit problematic that you can’t save your game after book three. Personally I would have preferred if the author had waited until he had finished all of Lux to releas it, instead of splitting it into two parts, even though it would have been a huuge HG and also more expensive. But I still think Lux is good and interesting the way it is now, the trick, I guess is to save(pardon the pun) most of your saves from book two until part two of Lux is released, so that you can play them back to back.

You got it right…when I load a save in book 3 ,it entirely skips my book 2 choices as I can’t save anything in book 2

Hold on, hold on - there’s a sequel in the works for CdlC?!


With a new protagonist and story, but yes!




Rachel used to be my favorite then I played the FBI route. XD

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Not touched the sequel yet. Did one of the FBI romances win you over, or did Raquel do something to put you off?

No, there are no exclusive romances in Book One, and yes, Raquel did something monumental to put me off.

Herald or Ortega (M) of Fallen Hero : Herald is such an adorable, healthy guy and despite the twisted dynamic of the relationship (him dating a villain he’s afraid of), the romance is really good. I also adore Ortega’s rugged thoughtfulness and charm. I can never NOT have him as an old flame.

Jun of Samurai of Hyuga : I totally understand people not liking Jun but I found he worked well with my MC since she’s equally perverted and brutal in personality traits. He gets more interesting throughout Book 4. For the record, I was not even swooning for him at first. He just grew on me. I like how he shows constant physical interest in my ronin, like pulling her close to him in public places. Toshio is also a lovely RO. He’s the opposite of Jun and a charming second love for MC to pursue, bringing out the best in her.

Mason in Wayhaven is fun. It probably helps he focuses his shameless flirtations on MC.

Gabriel from Breach : For such a cool, mysterious man, Gabriel is ridiculously charming, lovable, and polite. My MC was ride or die with him by the end of the game and I just like how he REALLY liked my MC.

For WIPS, I really like Milon in I, the Forgotten One, Male Lestrade & Watson in Sherlock Holmes: Affairs of the Heart, and Arthur & Lancelot in the WIP: Guinevere. I’m looking forward to adult Gawain in The Bastard of Camelot as well.


Oof. That’ll be something to look forward to then.

1)Breach: The archangel job- Gabriel ( I mean…Come on…)
2)Fallen hero: Herald
3) Wayhaven: Adam/Mason
4)The soul stone war- Morkai
5)180: files - Angel
6)Tally Ho: Haze


I wonder if people who play a lot of CoGs/HGs have a “type”, or tend to be more eclectic in their choices of ROs. I think I’m more eclectic when it comes to RO choice.

I’d say I have a type, a few semi-types, a broad range of "I can work that"s and some "nope nope nope nope NOPE"s.

As for my all-time favorite… such a tough choice. I think it’s Nate from Wayhaven at the moment.


It has more to do with the type of character I’m playing. I pursue the RO I feel best complements my character, and that may very well not be the one I, personally, find most appealing. When the game is well-written, I usually find myself falling in love with them through my character’s eyes anyway.


I have a few preferred types, but I enjoy when the game surprises me and I end up getting interested in a character because of how we meet or bond over the course of the story. I remember when I first played Tally Ho, I had my sights set on Rory initially and then Haze ruined my plans. It’s always fun to find an organic story like that!


I appear to be eclectic, seeing as my ROs of choice include people like Aki from ATOH, Dominique from Relics, and Alessa from Golden Rose, who couldn’t be more different if they tried.


I’ve actually experienced this in your game Royal Affairs! I don’t normally go for the tsundere archetype, but Javi won me over (and not just because they’re the sibling to one of my favorite ROs of all time).

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I generally only go for female LIs, or fairly femme nb ones. I’ll usually do a playthrough for all the available ones in a game, including ones that are strictly lesbians; I’m a straight cis guy, but I don’t really do self-insert characters and I’m fine with playing female characters. I used to try and complete all the ROs regardless of gender for the sake of completionism, but I just don’t really get into the stories of male ROs, so now I only do that when their personal stories include details important to the overall story.

That said, my particular favorites are Maria from Relics, Alessa from Golden Rose, and Argent from Fallen Hero.