Love Bites (WIP) - unrelated to Winter Wolves! (yikes)

Hey folks…

While this game is definitely not finished, I’d hesitate to call it “in progress.”

Not related to Winter Wolves!

Note: Sorry for the confusion, but this game is, in no way, related to “Winter Wolves” or any other previous CS game. “Love Bites” was just the working title that I came up with months ago on my own without consulting the CS catalog.

It was in progress before the coronavirus hit, and I was really enjoying the writing process, but alas, it’s hard to imagine the fun-filled, breezy world that this game was built on when we’ve got tanks in the street here in the real world.

Maybe once we all get to back to normal, I can continue :mask:


How I came to write this story

I come from a background in “standard” fiction, so this game is more about the fictional elements than a high level of interactivity. In other words, there’s no superpowers, fighting, battling, or anything like that.

About this game

It started out as a teen romance story and then slowly started morphing into a kind of “Nancy Drew” mystery - so it’s romance AND a teen girl solving a curious and occult situation.


16-year-old Lucy Keene has no idea what she’s in for when she gets a summer job working at Crocodile Jack’s Wild Safari Adventure.

Take it as it is, good people :smiley_cat:


Should add here that the story, as it now stands, is right at 100K words. I’d estimate that it’s about one-third done in terms of the plot that I had in mind.

Also, my very first attempt to write a CS game! It truly was a lot of fun and a real challenge. My hat definitely goes off to ALL CS authors as it truly is a lot of work!


Tis is more a story with set gender, set personality, set character (and probably) romances (If any), wrapped as a game.

Also, I think Dashington is having issue. Every page is loading slowly… :thinking:


Might want to change the Pole’s name since I’m Polish and I’ve never heard the name Cibor outside of historical context. Extremely, extremely rare name and nowadays existing only as a surname (there’s no one with a name like that at the present according to government statistics).

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Just a quick note:

Love Bites” is already taken for a Winter Wolves game – you’ll definitely want to change your game’s title.

I’ll do a proper reading “soon” and provide feedback.


I chose to go downstairs to my Mom when she was yelling for me…then a page or two later she apologized for bursting into my room with The letter

Could you put a synopsis in the description?


I must agree with my vdd.
AT first, I thought it was a late adversizing for winter wolves.

And with that name, we can expect a fantastic horror/romantic story with werecrocodiles. I would like to read a synopsis too.

But that’s pretty negative commentar for a démo that I liked.

It was fun, characters are likable and m’y own MC make me laugh. It’s a really good start.

But if you could make a description of what is to come… Nothing big, but like the other are doing.


It’s a rather nice story and I look forward to reading the rest with great interest. The only big thing is the Demo being rather slow. If there was some way to sort it out I’d be most obliged.

Yikes, sorry for any confusion about the title. I’m pretty new to CS, and I have no idea where the full catalog can be found.

I’ll amend the original post with a synopsis.

Thanks for all the input!


I believe you misunderstood:

Love Bites is an interactive game published by the company: Winter Wolves.

I would strongly advise changing the title of you game – as you see, the Winter Wolves game was published in 2018 on multiple platforms (Steam and for sure) and there might be issues if you try sticking with this as your title.

Especially if you plan on your game being published by Hosted Games on Steam.

Regardless, the ultimate decision will be up to you and the HG staff involved with your game.


A sincere thanks for the clarification (I confess that I am rather new to this space).

At this point, it is highly unlikely that I will ever finish my game/story. It was based on my happy, light-hearted remembrances of amusement parks and teen romances, and now real life has taken a far more (coronavirus-related) grim turn, so I don’t think I’ll be able to return to that headspace anytime soon.

I think it’s probably best to leave it as an amusing fragment of a story that was pretty darn fun to write, while it lasted :slight_smile:

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That’s such a shame. This game definitely has a lot of potential and though I understand where you’re coming from, I really hope you decide to continue it. It has truly given me more than a few laughs, which is something I think we all need right now.


I loved it, so much so that I’ve bookmarked it (something I’d not done to any other)


Whelp, back to depression I go.

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Wow, thanks! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you “coming out of the woodwork” to tell me that :hugs:

I truly do appreciate that, kind reader. Maybe if Trumpy gets me my $1200 check, I can breathe a little easier and get back to a happier mental space :smiley_cat:

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Well, I cannot say for sure if there ever WILL be anything “more to come,” but what I had planned was for the MC to put on her Nancy Drew hat and start solving some of the supernatural mysteries going on at the park… all while possibly enjoying a fun summer romance! :heart:


Sounds good. I like the happy mood ^^

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Really enjoyable but can’t get past the CPR scenes it just keeps loading.

Sorry about that. I did absolutely no editing or playtesting of the WIP before uploading. I did, however, run a quicktest on it, which passed, so maybe something got garbled when I uploaded it.