Lonely, but not alone (WIP)

I’ve begun work on my second game “Lonely, but not alone”. In it, you play a high schooler struggling with their mental health.

Currently it’s about 2,600 words.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/writersblock/lonely-but-not-alone/mygame/

10/15/22 - Finished the first scene with your best friend and added a morning routine scene.


how hard could it be? i’m already playing it in real life lol /j




Kinda short to give an opinion just yet, but one thing caught my eye. In the character creation screen where you mention the character is born without genitals, therefore they are non binary.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think that’s how it works. Non binary is an umbrella term for a wide range of gender identities. Sex organs are strongly corelated with gender identity in most people, but if a person is born without genitals, they will still be asigned a male or female gender (on their birth certificate).

I think the term you are looking for is intersex (concerning genitals), and in the choices for grnder you can use non binary, man and woman.

Edit: I just noticed that the sex is determined randomly. Why did you make this design choice? (not implying that it’s good or bad, just curious)


I have to agree with quartz that it’s too short right now to give any real feedback but I will say I like that your sex is random because it adds an interesting idea that you have to play with the cards you’ve been given and plus you can always just chose to be trans or non-binary if you’re not happy with what you got or you want your MC to suffer.

Also, I really feel sorry for the MC when you tell your friend you like them and they laugh at you. :disappointed_relieved:

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I chose that for multiple things in character creation. Given how this is a game about mental health I wanted to display the lack of control or at least the perceived lack of control throughout the process. I figured this is best mimicked through the start of life. People don’t choose their race or gender but racism and sexism sure as hell give them shit about it like they did. I wanted to show the players the frustration of dealing with problems that appear to be outside of their control. The gender will not be fixed and as the story progresses you’ll have an option to have a sex change. Unfortunately, that part won’t be for some time as it’ll be part of the resolution arc.


That’s another random one, but yeah it was meant to be rough. I promise there will be less rng moving forward, but the whole entry into the game is meant to be as hopeless and frustrating as possible.

If you are using randomness as a mean to immerse the player into a bleak world, randomizing gender and social class poses the following design issues.

  1. If you wish to create distress by mismatching the mc’s sex to their real gender, you have a 33% chance of failing (If I want to roleplay as a female, then there is a 33% chance that the game will assign me one, so that tension is gone).

  2. If sex-gender is one of the main drivers of angst, then you basically have to write 9 different games (m-m, m-f, m-nb, f-m, f-f, f-nb, i-m, i-f, i-nb)

  3. When you factor in social class into it (rich/poor), it gets exponentially more complex.

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I’m aware of the complexity of the different rng factors, I plan to take the challenge in stride Additionally, I’m aware of the 33% chance which will be left in the game. The rng factors being set here in the beginning will show up consistently, but not to the point where I’m making a bunch of different games, more so that I’m making slightly different versions of the same game.


Interesting idea

I don’t want to come off like an ass but I gotta say as a nonbinary person how the game handles the nonbinary option bothers me

If the MC’s sex is rng it would make more sense for the game to randomly pick if your character was Afab or Amab and then let the player choose if the gender matched or not with nonbinary as an option.

Considering the game already lets you pick the gender identity of the MC

First update is always scary :cold_face:

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