Line #: Invalid Indent

Alright, so I was fiddling around with CS a bit more. As I was making sure that everything was running smoothly, I ran across a problem:

prolouge line 160: invalid indent, expected a least one line in ‘if’ true block.

So I went around trying to fix the problem, but the same message still appeared.

I don’t have an *if statement on the 160th line. I have normal text. And it’s not indented in any way, no spacing, no tabs, nothing. The *if statement is actually two lines above, on line 158.

And from my knowledge, I didn’t know that *if statements had to be indented. I have plenty plenty of other if statements that work perfectly fine. For some reason it’s just that specific 160th line that is giving me trouble.

So…any advice?

  1. Line number 160 should be indented, and line 159 had an *if. 2) Make sure you have the right lines (download a text editor that reports line numbers, like Notepad++), and if that doesn’t work, 3) copy/paste your code so it can be looked at directly.

Alright, thanks for the help. I think I fixed it, it ended up that I just needed to indent the text by pressing the tab button once. It figures that something so simple could vex me for days on end. :smile: