"Light Years Apart"--Outfox a galaxy-spanning AI to save your planet!

Between this and the ninth episode of Rick and Morty from this season, apparently planet-banging is having its pop culture moment. Only a matter of time before full eclipse footage starts showing up on PornHub.


Huh… WAIT WHAT?! Now I gotta go see this.

I can’t believe I missed all that hot planet-on-moon action because I was too busy kissing my ex. Damn you, feelings, why are you always spoiling my fun?


I really love the game! But I got stuck at one point,

Is there any guide to help Mahkrim escape? I always end up leaving him and idk what to do :’))

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ICA? I had no idea people here loved Hitman franchise lol

Just finished my first playthrough!

The world was very nicely built - the approach to scifi tropes like space travel mechanics and general technology was nice, as was the implementation of the world-specific terms. I didn’t feel overwhelmed at any point and the immersion turned out nicely!

I do wish I was able to spend more time interacting with the characters (e.g. Crucefal) - sometimes it felt like there wasn’t enough time to establish deeper bonds due to the plot pacing. I guess it goes to show that I liked it enough to have wanted more!

By far my favorite interactions were the ones with my ship’s AI. Found myself chuckling out loud quite a few times overall, and was very fond and invested on them. After that, lil’ sis and the kids for sure.


Congratulations to Anaea Lay, this looks really promising.

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I really liked this story, although I had hoped at the end if you choose to go back to Tiantan you reunite with Crucefal. The ending right now kind of just says you’re going back and that’s about it,which left me wanting more closure.

I really like the sexy spy stuff though :smirk:


Please send bug reports to support AT choiceofgames DOT com.

I’d like to know this too!

I agree with everything I see.
The game was a pleasure to go through, and it felt natural to replay it as soon as I finished (Two factions to tickle off, plus one last Nientan mystery to hunt.)

Mh…my only regret is not getting solid romantic situations beside of the narrow-minded ex, and the exotic human ONS (certainly not complaining about those two, though). But somehow, even if I played a coherent romantic asexual, I couldn’t unlock any romantic dialog or narration involving any of the ships, this despite a few very propice occasions. But given the themes of the game, it seems a bit strange, so it’s totally possible that it’s just me who don’t play things right. I lean there are relationship bars for both the spaceship and for the twins, and I never managed to raise them beyond 91%.
Also I really hoped it would be possible to met the Aydan-machine in its full aw-inspiring sentient Multivac glory. Though I can see the merit of preserving the distance to fuel its almost mythic quality; especially if more games might come up and explore more of the universe. (I might concur, but I still feel like sulking. ^^;)



What I imagine when reading about the twins. XD

Playing the game now- enjoying it so far. :slight_smile:


That’s a bug. You ought to get at least a line saying how/if the blockade resolved for any ending you get. Can you submit a bug report with details for that?

This is DE-LIGHT-FUL!!! Great job creating a fun World with charismatic characters! :heart:

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Dude i NEED you to tell me how you got that to 91%

I only got 91% with the ship, I didn’t try so much for the twins, those were around of 65% by the end of my best playthroughs.

For the ship, I actually replayed. Then, I kept asking for its opinion, gave positive attention to its behavior at any chance given, avoided questioning its loyalty or giving the the sister all the credit for it. I also choose the nerdiest most isolationist options could without sabotaging myself. (Namely: “THAT SOUND WONDERFUL” when threatened with the prospect of ending up alone with the ship forever by the spy on Calvary), thanked the ship at every turn (namely with: “You know that I love you, right?”) I also tried to make peace with the ICA but eventually brought the twins to Kempus without being dismissing of the ship for its inability to help past a certain point.
…And that’s all I can think about.


Not sure if this is the right place to ask, sorry if it’s not. I was just wondering is there a list of RO? From what I read in this thread, I’m confused who is & who isn’t. I’ve know of the ONS & the Ex but curious if there are others. Thanks for your time, any help would be appreciated. I really am enjoying this story.


There are two potential ROs as in people you can decide to be with at the end, and one hookup opportunity.

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Loved the story line. Loved the interaction with my A.I. and the bond between my MC with Pavi. Surprisingly, I had no issues with the romance parts/ interactions with the MC 's best friend /ex . I’ve seen other reviews complaining about the romance not being enough. Maybe I’m relieved there was any romance worth reading to begin with - scripted so beautifully- or maybe the background storyline itself was so appealing . The romance parts were nice without being ott. Would love to hear if there’s ever a sequel or more games similar to this by this author. Do tag me if there’s any thing like that.

Have replayed it multiple times with different profiles. And it’s one of my favourites.


Hey, all! I just finished my review of Light Years Apart. Thanks for reading!