Lies Under Ice—Lead a colony on a distant frozen moon!

I’m pushing a new build right now to all platforms. It has a bunch of bugfixes in it, collected since release.

If you hit the bug again, please take a screenshot and send it in with an explanation of the problem.


Well done with the paper! Regardless of construction resources, you’re always limited at any given construction opportunity. There are only so many projects the inhabitants of your base can take on at the same time. Excess materials have other uses especially in the very late game, so it’s not always a waste to have them.


I completely failed to run into any of these. XD

Hey, all. I just completed my review of ‘Lies Under Ice’. Thanks for reading!


I very much enjoyed this game. I’ve played thru it probably over 15 times now, but I still have a fondness for my first run where I created a beautiful ice arcology with koi fish.

There does seem to be a bug concerning the fate of Kosmo: a few times, he’s reappeared in the base even after being sent back, and one time he sacrificed himself to spray the poison. Also, I think not having a gym makes the interaction with Makoto Itsue in the last chapter go wonky.

Anyway, I’ve gotten all of the visible achievements except for Viral Diplomacy. Could someone help me out with that?

And for the hidden achievements… Could I also get some help with Cross-Species Solidarity? Thank you in advance.


What were the circumstances where Kosmo reappeared after being sent back?

I’m not sure, sorry. I’ll see if I can do another run later today or tomorrow to reproduce that bug.

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If you do, I recommend taking screenshots and sending them to, along with any other errors you may find. That’s a much more reliable way to let them know about issues with the game than posting here on the forum. :slight_smile:

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Will Florence Palmer always betray us or is there a way to avoid this? Even with betrayal, is it possible to have a monogamous relationship with her?

F. Palmer just doesn’t do monogamy, so if you’re not comfortable with an open relationship, it’s best to avoid them. (It is possible to avoid being cheated on if you don’t begin a relationship with them until later in the game.)

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Like they aren’t even up front about it. If they were up front about it I wouldn’t mind, they just came up to you and said “yeah I cheated on ya.”
I chalk it up to either bad writing or some kinda of weird taste from the author.

There’s no way to be monogamous with F. Palmer, but there is a way to avoid being cheated on. There’s a chance to go out in the submarine together if you’re single in Ch5. Palmer will tell you they’ve recently come to the understanding that they’re happier with nonmonogamy, and you can choose to begin a relationship with them on those terms.

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So, i was thinking about getting the game, but I have seen reviews on Steam saying theres a lot of bugs that messes up the game endings/epilogues. So I’m kinda waiting for patches/fixes, so my experience doesn’t get ruined. Checking here to see if the bugs have been fixed/patched, so I can buy the game while feeling safe, someone got any news regarding this? Thanks in advance.

They’ve done several patches recently, including one that fixed a major continuity-breaking bug.


I had a really fun time with this, especially in juggling the differing wants and demands of the various groups.

Wound up losing the captaincy first go around because my opponent was from my own bloc and our platforms were too similar! That was an interesting run!

Also managed to do kind of a bastard run, which is rare for me! Nothing like somebody going “you don’t have the nerve” and then proceeding to demonstrate that I do in fact have the nerve.

Did run into the aforementioned bug with Kosmo coming back right at the epilogue; I’ll see if it pops up again in more playthroughs.

Wanna give a small shoutout to a sad moment of Kosmo ending up being lost via deep diving at the epilogue. That was a rough gutpunch to our neat little romance :frowning:


Thanks ; ) Going to wait a little bit more, just to be sure.

I’ve gotten all of the visible achievements, so here is a guide for them.

Visible Achievements Guide
Animal Magnetism:

During the animal debate, pick your animal choice and then choose the option that has the indicated stat of at least 50. (“research” = Research stat, “perceive” = Perception stat, and “improvise” = Improvisation stat)

Hanging On:

You need to have missiles destroy your colony. To do this, you’ll have to increase volatility with Earth powers: keep the science hidden, help U.E. but not G81 or vice versa, and ignore Quentin and then fail at countering his video. It’s easiest to be Libertalian for this one, because otherwise you have to fight off Amara Gold (G81) or Lorenz Kapp (U.E.) to ensure the missiles arrive. (And to do that, you’ll need to threaten Earth with a viral weapon.) Also, keep Truth or Lies high (above 65, I think) or in the middle. In the last chapter, dig deeper to avoid the missiles. Agree to try to communicate with the aliens, but mess it up by either lying with a high Truth stat, telling the truth with a high Lies stat (I assume, as I haven’t tested that yet), or failing at either when those stats are balanced around 50-50. Then decide to blow up half the base. You should get this achievement.

Health & Safety:
This is not the only way to get this achievement, but it is a guaranteed one. Be warned, this one is long.


If a choice is not mentioned, any option should be fine. But focus on being truthful and warm.
Prologue: Choose to land in Annwn Regio and check for injuries.
Chapter 1: Be an arcologist (for G81, pick “dome over Beijing”, and for Libertalia, pick “prevented system collapse”) with a hobby of stargazing (improves Control and saves lives later). Take decorative fish (bring up the research). Bring Frank Palmer. Launch Laelaps.
Interlude 1: Improve Control (with Kosmo) and Systems (with Sungura).
Chapter 2: Don’t drink alcohol (improves Control). Don’t date anyone. Presume Evgeniy’s innocence. “Safety first: let’s line and insulate the ice…”. Supplies for expanding the base first. First room: grand central hub. Second room: personal quarters.
Chapter 3: Keep a close eye on Evgeniy and tighten security. Release science findings to everyone.
Interlude 3: Third room: sewers. Fourth room: laboratory. Work with Iza on your nightmares.
Chapter 4: Ask for only construction materials.
Interlude 4: Tell Earth to come get Kosmo, and let him show up to things. Choose drones to explore the surface.
Chapter 5: No terraforming yet. Unbind Iza. Agree with some of Rheita’s demands. Offer to give Ella some of the base’s supplies for the communication center, but you won’t have enough, because there’s no egress to the surface. “‘We aren’t alone in the universe!’” Release the discovery to everyone.
Interlude 5: Final rooms are medical bay, cyborg surgery, and then gym.
Chapter 6: Run computer models to deal with the ice crack. Run for reelection. Stay under the ice because the priority is making the best home out of Annwn (Station/City/Landing). “The new life could be intelligent…” and then “Europa is to be an independent polity.” “Clarify my record in a series of difficult interviews.” Directly confront the challenges and highlight the quality of life improvements.
Chapter 7: When the spontanium goes missing, have cameras installed. Try to convince Ella that terraformation could happen later, then try to disarm the device. Allow Kosmo to stay on Europa.
Interlude 7: Expand the tunnels. Work long hours with the machines.
Chapter 8: “People will trust I wasn’t involved.” Open source the research.
Chapter 9: Keep out of the conflict entirely. Set the record straight with Quentin. “We have nothing to hide…”. Melt the alien into the ocean. “They’re not hurting anyone.” “Like all Europans, they’re entitled to their views.” “I’m not going to be manipulated into doing anything.”
Chapter 10: The goal here is to communicate with the aliens. Tell the crowd they might die soon. Seal off the door to the gym. “Maybe Rheita can call him off?” Save people in the medical bay. Wake up the dreamers. Allow a backup plan. “Let’s pull back and take a more cautious approach.” “Focus on the beautiful.”

Part-Time Detective:

Willingly step down. (I assume it’s possible to lose the election, but I haven’t been able to purposely lose yet.) Choose to read in your downtime. Option one tests Systems. Option two tests Perception. Option three tests Improvisation or Control. To succeed, the stat should be above 50.

Population Bomb:

An easy way to get this one is to be from the G81. Focus on infrastructure and the overall needs of all colonists (rooms, gym, medical bay, surface greenhouse, etc.). Ask for more colonists or a mix of colonists and construction materials. At this point you should have over 5000 colonists. I think supporting Habitus domes helps. Take in refugees from G81 (should be over 5000 of them), and then successfully deal with the Europan lifeform invasion in the last chapter.


After landing, choose to send a message to Earth. You should be a diplomat with a hobby of piloting vehicles, and choose to improve Control (with Kosmo) and Systems (with Sungura) during the first interlude. Pick the option “It’ll take fine control, but I believe I can recover the antenna.”

Simple Twist of Fate:

Flip a virtual coin to decide which Palmer twin goes to Europa, but don’t rig it.

Viral Diplomacy:

Be a rocket scientist. Improve Fitness (with Rheita). I think you need a cold demeanor here. Unsure about truth vs lies, but I got this achievement with high truth. Maintain a favorable relationship with Zoaco/Professor Li by prioritizing xenobiology & science secrecy. If you don’t get the offer for genetic modification from Professor Li, you can’t get this achievement that run (because you won’t be able to make the virus later, due to the lack of focus on science) and need to restart. Any genetic mod is fine. Help either G81 or United Earth. When Marcel talks to you about his conspiracy theorist subordinate, you should ignore Quentin and then make sure to then choose the option about a viral weapon. Professor Li should say the science is there. If you’re a U.E. citizen, you’ll need to fight off Lorenz Kapp, and if you’re a G81 citizen, you’ll need to fight off Amara Gold. Missiles should be heading for the colony. Threaten to send a viral weapon back. Congrats, you have destroyed most of humanity on Earth.

No guarantee for a hidden achievement guide yet. Some achievements are pretty specific (so I’m still working out all the details/stats tested/etc.), and I still haven’t gotten two of them. But I hope what I have written helps people.


So i just finished my first playthrough of Lies under the Ice. This is my first COG i have bought in awhile and i must say I’m impressed.
Of course i have some little issues but overall i had a good time thanks for all your had work


Thanks for playing, and it’s always nice to hear people have enjoyed it!

If you (or anyone here) have time, please do leave a brief review or rating if you bought it on Steam or an app marketplace. It really helps me and also CoG more generally.


I’ve always been fascinated by Europa, so imagine my excitement when I find an interactive fic about the (possible) lifeforms on it! I like the variation of the game and the diverse cast of characters. The interplay of sci-fi elements and the narrative is very on point- it feels believable enough without too much info dump.

Good work!