Lies Under Ice—Lead a colony on a distant frozen moon!

Say no more :sob:, it been long since I have heard mention of a poly relationship

Congratulations on the release @jojo it’s been on the wishlist for a while.

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I just finished playing, and had a great time! I won’t share anything too spoilery, but let’s just say I started out with excellent intentions and good practice, then very quickly tanked my reputation (partly because I stubbornly stood by my problematic boyfriend when I probably shouldn’t have. I am colourblind and do not see the red flags, etc) but still managed to drag my independent colony into a pretty happy place, even if no one outside Europa liked us much.

The game takes place over many years and it really feels like a moving, growing community of people with loads of variation in the ways you can build your base and what people think about you and your actions. I really like how you’ll have a small scene with someone giving you information about a problem early on, or similar, and then they’ll show up again later with a bigger role. It makes it feel like a real ensemble. There was also room for me to not hang out with some characters early on and get to know them better as the plot progressed (you’re not locked into only spending time with certain characters).

Something that would have capped it off perfectly would have been to have a bit more time with my boyfriend (as problematic as he was). I’d have also liked a bit more breathing room during the very end of the climactic sequence: my particular playthrough could have done with a pagebreak/choice or two just to give it that little bit more space in the moment, and a choice right at the end when I had some boyfriend-time in the epilogue.

The whole thing feels very self-assured and well-structured, with a huge amount of variation available for building your colony and balancing assets and responsivity to all the choices. The plotlines were gripping and I liked how the smaller-scale storylines interwove with the larger-scale ones and with each other. (I was thrilled when a specialty I picked on a whim and assumed was purely flavour, lucid dreaming, became relevant!) All those moving parts have been navigated very well to draw together and be a very cohesive entirety. And there’s a really lovely sense of excitement in discovery, exploring the environment itself and the alien life around you, as well as making tough strategic decisions.


Yay, finally, time to play this!

Thoughts of a Colonial Governor (contains spoilers. do not click if you have a spoiler allergy. If you don't know, keep an epipen handy)

Also, the cost of those things is highway robbery (yes, even the generics), which is extra-criminal when it comes to life-saving medicine, especially because the drug itself costs literal pennies. But I digress.

Hmm, got a partial success on the animals thing, bringing robo-cats. That should still let me bring all the fabricators, right? And I guess the robocats can help with colonist stress? Until they go haywire and kill and eat us all in our sleep, I guess.

Wheeee, we have apparently declared that the mental health expert was less than essential. I’m SURE this will absolutely not backfire on my ass, nosirree, only good things will come of it, yessiree.

Well, at least it’s v2.0, that’s somet-
reads what v1.0 was capable of
Nevermind. :expressionless: I wonder if I can run a betting pool on who’s going to go psychotic first.

Double info:

So, uh. I know it’s the default factory model, but doctors don’t REALLY need two legs, do they? I mean, it’s not what you would call an ambulatory job, is it? And she still has the other one, if she really needs to hop around.

I’m slightly confused at this bit. The game said all the readings were normal, so what exactly would be the plus in sending them back to Earth? Do they have ways to better analyse the readings? Can they deep dive the system in a way that I can’t? I feel that I’m missing something here. :confused:

Sleepy time.

EDIT: Wakey time! This colony ain’t gonna run itself, except possibly into the ground.

Further Thoughts of a Colonial Governor

This is awesome! I swear, if someone wrote a sci-fi book where a substance had the properties of water but was called something else it’d be dismissed as too fantastic.

But I am so, SO happy that some corporate assclown, without my input, decided an actual therapist was dead weight. >_>

Alright, this is a great way to have the player define policy. Bringing it up in a relevant event, instead of making it part of a meeting (that could’ve been an email). Kudos.

I mean, you could. It’s not like there’s any cattle around for it to be a problem.

And that means I’m not splitting, because hells if I’m only getting two new facilities. Also, lol at the notion of cannibalising the Asterion. I’ve played Alien Legacy, I know where that sort of shit move leads.


Extra lol :rofl: Also, da fuq did I just say about stripping the Asterion? NO!

Goddamn it, how many times do I have to say this?! NOBODY WRECKS THE ONLY WAY TO GET OFF THE GODDAMN PLANET! Can I change the colony motto? Cos I’m making that the colony motto! Also, I’d make it mandatory for every colonist to play Alien Legacy so they’d learn, if the blasted thing would run in modern machines. Why do I get remakes of every shit IP under the sun, but not one of a game that’s actually good?

Yeah, good luck with that, buddy. I’m not upending an entire ecosystem. This scene could use that as a choice, btw, in addition to the current “no” answer that’s basically “but muh bottom line.” (I only say this of an already-released game because @jojo already said he was going to add extra content)

No, no, this is going great. Whose bright idea was it to nix the presence of a mental health specialist, and does Europa have a big enough carnivorous lifeform that I can feed them to?

Going juuuuuuuuust peachy.

Should I have named this thing SHODAN, do you think?

JFC, dude, absolute no! Like all of the nos. All of them. Yes, even that one. Also, goddamn it Lucky, this thing is not your friend. If you’re going to develop a parasocial relationship, can’t you just do it with a streamer, like normal people who don’t know boundaries? I feel the need to point out that we wouldn’t be having this sort of problem with ACTUAL mental health professionals.

Uh. Perhaps you’d want to ask her what her speech will be about before announcing her, MC? No? Just me then? Ah well.

Hmm, at this point I have materials for 7 new facilities, but can only build three, apparently. Guess it’s manpower-limited? Pity.

Scientists don’t get sick, apparently. Good to know who I can save medication on should an emergency arise.

Bug: I was told I had three actions to build things. I built a medical facility, a gym, and a hydrogen production facility, and I’m told I can still build something else:

Also, I don’t think I can build that server farm, because if I do Kosmo is just going bring up crypto, at which point I’ll jettison him through the nearest airlock into Europan sea, naked.

I’m sure everything bad will come of this, but I’m doing it anyway.

I feel this choice isn’t clear enough on what it’ll be testing: the last one is PROBABLY Endurance, I guess? Are interviews Truth? Is the promotional material Warm? (also, why would Zoaco let me do that last one if they’re my only opponent in the race?)

Except my partner is Rheita, so the Abyssals thing does this as well. :confused: Like, she’d probably spend the entire time trying to convince me to go to the Abyssals ceremony anyway.


I hate him already.


Oh no, this particular group is a problem? Who would’ve thunk it? :roll_eyes:

So THAT’s where all the tinfoil went. I swear, a man wants to cover an oven tray…

Should be the Tuna Uncovered Network Agency, because everything they say smells fishy.

Instructions unclear. If I pick the last option, am I really ignoring the message? Shouldn’t I take precautions to safeguard the base?

Oh look, the cult is splintering. How… unfortunate. I swear, if these people make me deal with a religious war, I’m tempted to introduce them all to the deep Abyssals, in person, sans submarine.

Dun dun DUNNNNNN!!!

I still have 6 Build-A-Facility packs, might as well make more tunnels and habitation quarters.

It’s the Empiants!


The (Alien) Legacy!

Last thoughts of a Colonial Governor: This is awesome. I love it. It reminded me very much of an old game called Alien Legacy, if at a much smaller scale. I think I might have been able to get a better ending if I had freed the Exile, but I’ve just finished rewatching The Thing, so I’m not particularly predisposed to unfreezing alien entities.

I would have LIKED more scenes with the other characters, especially the RO, but I understand that a project needs to have his scope, lest it spiral out of control and is never finished. There’s only so many man-hours I can reasonably expect to go into a single project.

There’s a few choices that, to me, was unclear what would be tested in each option.

I loved the management aspects of the game, and I wish there more games that had them. But I love those sorts of things, even in other genres, so maybe that’s just me.

Colonial Governor, signing out.


Anything that has to do with space and science, man, my cup of tea. Congratulations, I didn’t even know something like this was in rhe works. But I guess that must be aperk of not falling into the hosted games categiry. If nit I haven’t been paying much. I have alwasy wanted to experience a planet such as Jupiter as a moon. Gonna love playing this one.:tada:


What up grades do I need for conditions? I thought the gym would help but apparently not. Now I feel like I messed up my building stage. But I’m also enjoying the game, give me subnatica:sub zero vibes. :sob: I just want to make the best base possible. I brought cats with us which I enjoyed. Also !SPOILER! Maybe lol I’m not planning to change the planet but I heard rumors otherwise v interesting. END

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So my play through just went from bad to worse. Spoilers ahead! What stats do I need not to be blown up by the g8? I worked with everyone when they asked for help. I just don’t like doing what people say. There should be more benefits for having a high score with a faction. When everything was going down the scientist did nothing. I didn’t give Kosmo back but I made everything I did open. It felt like my money never went up after it was spent. I said something about selling cat plushies but nothing came of that. Definitely not enough chance to upgrade the base it’s like what maybe twice in the game? But I had resources to make 5? Seems no one liked what I did.

Who or what is Alison?

Lol idk what happened there but I mean Kosmo.

The best way to not have missiles launched at you in the end is to stay apolitical.

That’s what I did the whole game lol. That’s why I didn’t understand

You chose not to help any of the sides in the war?

I chose to help all sides in the war. The G8 demand I give them files or something and I said no.

Your best shot at not getting attacked is not to help any side.

Hi all,
First things first hats off to the author for a game so compelling it delayed an important term paper (no worries, still got a 91). I have a mechanics question though, am I just not synergizing my playstyle effectively or is it a waste of time to stockpile materials? By the end of the game I had way more than it would allow me to use. In the early mid game, around the second time it lets you build, I had four and it let me use all 4. But down the line I had 7 and in the last opportunity to build I could only use 3. Would it have let me use more than 4 if I had it in the second build sequence? Just wondering if I’m kneecapped on facilities or can I build my sprawling megaplex ice castle fantasy.
Either way, had a great experience. Definitely did not hit all my benchmarks first time around as a Marine Biologist, ended up Loved by the scientists and abyssals but few others, scraped by with Libertalia. I think I may be too stubborn and trying to build non-optimal, but ah well.


I helped every side, didn’t get blown up. Didn’t even know you could get blown up.

@koda Try pretending you never got the threat from G8.

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Don’t try too hard to be loved by everyone - it simply isn’t possible. Any increase in your favor with one faction decreases your standing with one of the others. So if you had a couple of factions solidly behind you, you’re doing just fine.

Don’t get me wrong - there are several things you can do to decrease the chance of a missile launch. But I don’t think missiles were ever an issue in any of my apolitical playthroughs.

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Thank you! That was my first thought. I think I tried to lie and my person was very truthful some maybe that was my problem. Any idea about the up grades?

The only idea I have about the upgrades is that they’re bugged in some way. At one point I had 7 kits, the game told me I could build 3, and it let me build 4, so SOMETHING in the code is mathing wrong.

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Yeah I actually got to build more stuff this time. I was able to expand the ice tunnel and it made it go up a bit.

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