神龍之土 Land of the Dragon [WIP] (09/07/20 Update! The Uprising Appears!)

it was the same for me as well

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How would a romance with Long Qing work? He’s your brother after all…
Would it be more like friendship or something more like the Targaryen family o.o


The author stated that they are not blood related. The explanation on how that come to be will be in-game. XD


@Megus @No_This_Is_Patrick oops, it’s bc I set the RO stats to 30% at first, I think. It should be fixed now(?) thanks for the bug catching!


Thanks it works now, and I love being a lovestruck mess around her, and her reaction of getting flustered from us being flustered. I love it.


I also found this when asking her to teach me the ways of court


I have this error when I choose the last option during the carriage ride with Long Qing.



@No_This_Is_Patrick hehe yes that’s one way to romance her… And the other is high relationship stat by being a snarky ass with attitude problems lol.

@Megus @ten10 @resuri08 yup those should all be fixed now! Thanks for the bug catching again everyone!


Is there any other way to romance fang yum besides the flustered option?


Actually the flustered option isn’t the way to romance her (according to the code at least)
To raise her romance points you need to try the direct way where you say she owes you a thank you.


Yup its true. @ohmyvalar why don’t we get romance points in the code if we pick flustered options with Fang Yun when the snarky choices do?


Interesting that Fang Yun likes us best (relationship-wise, not romance-wise) when we are a stuttering wreck in front of her, and doesn’t care for us much when we’re trying to treat her formally and respectively. This… doesn’t really reflect her ice queen persona, does it? She is smart, and pretty, and powerful. You are not convincing me that she has a shortage of admirers, not to mention this kind of thing has to have been done a dozen times when there was a competition to marry her.
I guess this is too early for us to be inquiring into her personal views (does she have a cause, or is she in this for the personal power and prestige).
Do all factions in Court hold the same general platform, and disagree only on the next person on the throne? Any reformists, or all traditionalists? War-mongering expansionists? Steadfast diplomats? Varying levels of corruption?

I love that everyone else will like you better if you ask them to teach you, but Long Qing will become more suspicious of you for milking him for information. So easily letting their guard down, but so readily thinking the worst of us. It’s the little things like this that really set the characters apart from each other, make them their own person.

Regarding Chen Kun’s second choice: the choice itself doesn’t really tell us what we’re trying to ask him to do . Also, whoa, I’m not starting a conspiracy here, and royals spy on each other all the time, do I really need to leave no trail of involvement? Can I get the option to refuse that, or rescind the order altogether? It’s not like this is blackmail material. The worst LQ can do if he finds out is publicly mock me for this and give me a reputation/relationship hit. My MC may enjoy palace intrigue slightly more than her brother, but she does share LQ’s view that underlings are not disposable.


Is Qin Lan blood-related to the MC??? Is she an RO?!? And Can you add save/load?

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Hello Dear @ohmyvalar

I just finished playing and i gotta say it’s really good. The story seems interesting and i love the way you described the enviroment and i’m kindatorn between our loyal guard and the jerk-y brother. So i’ll be waiting for the next update.

Also, do you have a tumblr or something where we can follow coff coff stalk coff your progress?

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Ok I love our “bro” but the carriage scene award goes to Chen Kun. NNXMDLDKDKD There’s a line that went straight to my heart like an arrow. I don’t remember the exact words but it’s just after the contact is broken and he looks at MC with a mix of dispair and longing or something like that. KXNDJDBBBBJDD aaaahhhh It kills me every time in a good way. And the metaphor about having his biggest wish almost granted but being afraid jfkdkdkddjd SO MUCH DRAMA WITH THAT BOY oh dear. I love it.

Also… maybe it was only me… but the dialogue prior to the discovery when Long Qing reveals we’re not blood related, it was too sudden. MC says something about him knowing how to treat a Princess and he makes a funny comment but her reaction is weird. “You wouldn’t say that to your blood sister” But he didn’t say anything scandalous or even flirty tbh. It was more funny than anything else.


I have to agree with @Kirlett . Something seems to be off for the first option. I don’t understand that line either and the reaction by Long Qing thereafter. Like what Kirlett said, I didn’t find the line implying something that would warrant the MC’s response that they shouldn’t have said that to his sibling. To be honest, I don’t get what Long Qing means.


I assume it’s because she likes someone who can challenge her, and these choices impress her and makes her feel challenged. That’s the reason she didn’t marry so far in the first place too


Yeah but you can also get her to blush when choose flustered options so it might be a bug? Also she can be romanced with the shy choices

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I like the game overall, but it kinda stops me from creating the character I would like to play at multiple steps.
I wanted to play a very jovial and friendly, but competitive warrior that doesn’t care about politics themselves, but wants to support his older brother. Almost every part of this is being blocked one way or another.

Semi-related picture


very jovial and friendly, but competitive

My cold stat grows way too fast:
I am satisfied that the tiger was defeated as it was my enemy, but I don’t hold the grudge, and let it go free later - cold at 56%.
I am excited about the ceremony, cause I like myself and think people will be happy about it too - cold grows once again.


I usually focus on a single skill, then branch off once it’s very high. The single focus on combat causes me to fail the trials, which wouldn’t necessarily be that bad (more in the next point), but there should be some way to still pass them I think. Also while talking with my brother about army the character automatically states that he doesn’t want to join.

that doesn’t care about politics themselves, but wants to support his older brother

I think my character would still prefer to pass the trials because it is some form of competition and he would step up to succeed in case something happens to his older brother (but he doesn’t want that to happen). But since there is an option of “You have completed your Trials”, he wouldn’t be that dissatisfied to prove that he does know something (combat), but doesn’t care much about the other things nor ruling,
so he won’t bother with it any further. Also no option of just saying "Bro, I’ll help you if you’ll need me, but now I go off to fight some Mongols or smth, see ya :wink: "

Summing it up: It’s one of the wip that interests me the most but doesn’t really fit with my playstyle and I need to come up with a new character idea.


You retort, watching the conflicting emotions of annoyance and amusement flicker across her Fang Yun’s face before her usual composed indifference returns.

Remove either “her” or "Fang Yun’s":sweat_smile:

Maybe she didn’t see any redeeming qualities other than false charm?

If brother dear is himself a competent politician then he’d take it with a grain of salt anyway (see what he does when you ask for his help) and will keep working against you, as none is better than one, for his seat on father’s fluffy chair

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