神龍之土 Land of the Dragon [WIP] (09/07/20 Update! The Uprising Appears!)



i can only hope we never have a relationship like that Dobby was depressing as all heck.


@The_Lady_Luck :smirk: feel free to share your theories… although I can neither confirm nor deny them cough

@PhilosoTor aww, that’s so cute! And that’s definitely a proper translation HAHA you can feel the sense of ~poetry~ even in English. Yeah, I think Japanese and Korean have lots of onomatopoeia which makes translations kinda hard to express.

@Darkner @Drakeye well Chen Kun is going to be struggling w self-worth issues despite being possibly the most well-connected major character in-game in spite of his lack of family backing. Power imbalances between MC and Chen Kun (which go both ways, will be explored later in the game) will definitely be addressed especially in a more “drama” RO route with him.

Edit: btw does anyone know of any reliable word counting sites? I just checked, and the one I always use says 56k, another says 56.5k, and the last says 55.5k… WHAT IS THE TRUTH D:


i think the game has a Random test and quick test feature
With the bilt in Random test i think your suypposed to set it to run 3-5 times for a average.


Hey guys~ Just wanted to share this amazing song with you guys <3 sorry if its out of topic

Also, here are the lyrics!


jiù yì jiù xiàng yī shàn chuāng, tuī kāi le jiù zài nán hé shàng.
shéi cǎi guò kū zhī qīng xiǎng, yíng huǒ huì zhe huà píng xiāng.

Old memories are like a window: once [they] have been pushed open, it is then difficult to close [them] again.
Who treads over the withered twigs [causing them to] lightly crack? The wan light of fireflies is drawing out the aroma of the painted screens.


wèi shéi lǒng yī xiù fēn fāng, hóng yè de xìn jiān qíng yì mián cháng,
tā shuō jiù zhè yàng qù liú làng, dào měi lì de dì fāng.

Rolling up a sleeve full of fragrance for whom? The affection [written upon] the letter paper of red leaves is everlasting.
He says just go wandering like this, to a beautiful place.


shéi de gē shēng qīng qīng, qīng qīng chàng,
shéi de lèi shuǐ jìng jìng tǎng.
nà xiē nián huá dōu fù zuò guò wǎng,
tā men wēi yī zhe bǐ cǐ shuō hǎo yào miàn duì fēng làng.

Whose voice lightly, lightly sings?
Whose tears quietly trickles down?
All those years are entrusted to the past.
They lean against one another, agreeing to face the storm [that is to come].


yòu shì yī dì kū huáng, fēng yè hóng le mǎn miàn qiū shuāng.
zhè chǎng gù mèng lǐ, rén shēng rú xì chàng,
hái yǒu shéi dēng chǎng.

Yet again the ground is full of withered yellow. The maple leaves have turned red, [their] face covered entirely in autumn frost.
In this old dream, life is performed like a drama.
Who else is going on stage?


hūn huáng zhú huǒ qīng yáo huàng, dà hóng gài tou xià shéi páng huáng.
liú lèi de huā hé róng xǐ táng, jìng jìng fàng zài yī páng.

The dim yellow candle flame lightly sways. Beneath the red wedding veil, who is hesitant?
The flowers that shed tears and the splendid wedding hall, [they] are quietly put aside.


huí yì xiàng mò piàn bō fàng, kè xià yī cùn yī cùn jiù shí guāng,
tā shuō jiù zhè yàng qù liú làng, dào měi lì de dì fāng.

Memories are like a silent movie playing, carving down inch after inch of time.
He says just go wandering like this, to a beautiful place.


shéi de gē shēng qīng qīng, qīng qīng chàng,
shéi de lèi shuǐ jìng jìng tǎng.
yuàn huà yī shuāng niǎo er qù fēi xiáng,
rèn shēn hòu kū hào sī hǎn zhe yě zhuī bù shàng.

Whose voice lightly, lightly sings?
Whose tears quietly trickles down?
Wishing to turn into a pair of birds and go flying,
[Such that] no matter how [anyone] behind [the two of them] wail and shout, there is no catching up.


yòu yī nián qī yuè bàn wǎn fēng liáng, xié yáng jiàn ǎi zhǐ yǐng cháng.
zhè chǎng gù mèng lǐ, gū jiǎng shēng yuǎn dàng,
qù tā xiāng, yí wàng.

Yet another year [in which] the night wind of July will be cool, the setting sun gradually grows shorter [closer to the horizon] and the lone shadow lengthens.
Within this old dream, the sound of the lone oar travels far,
Heading to a foreign place far from home, forgotten.


@Drakeye ooh thanks, I’ll try that next update!

@Vanessa_Pang that’s beautiful, thanks for sharing :heart_eyes: her voice reminds me of Aimer! The lyrics and melody are really evocative, especially that last stanza… HmM reminds me of a certain ending I’ve planned for Chen Kun hMm :smirk:

adds to currently non-existent writing playlist


you just love to tease us :persevere:

I hope it’s okay if I share a song as well. This drama was the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me in Drama Land. My only consolation was the fact that these two actors actually fell in love and married in real life. Sigh.


Writing music? :grin::grin:


Can’t really help with poetry…:persevere: never been my bigger interest, and most poetry I know is about war and loss…


@PhilosoTor ohmygod, yes. I remember I had a classmate who was super into this drama when it aired, and the ending crushed us all. Although I suppose w the plot it was inevitable… Apparently there was a modern day reincarnation sequel that had terrible reviews? Oh well, there’s always the Korean adaptation… The song is beautiful too, thanks for the rec!

@Vanessa_Pang ayy, thanks for the rec! I’ll use that 1h of music productively, I promise couhghs as I open another unrelated tab

@Willow_Felya_G haha, it’s okay! This is getting p off topic anyways oops… Although if you want to share your poems there’s always a cultural appreciation(?) space here!


hahaha, that show, my mom and sis loved it.
though… the chinese seem to really love making these kinds of series


Just curious: how do u guys see the code of games? I learn better from examples, so that would be helpful for my own coding for this game. For instance the sample Choice of the Dragon files on the choicescript tutorial page really helped me to pick up the basics. That is, if that’s allowed(?)

Onto game related info: as we near the end of Chapter 1, future updates may be extended to 1 every 10 days instead. The next one should be up in the next few days, although bc it has the most branches so far I expect 1929929 bugs… I’ll be relying on your observant eyes to correct them hehe!


You could use this:

Or do you mean the code you have brought?


You just copy the link and add /scenes afterwards and see a list of the scenes


@resuri08 @Frogs oh no this must mean all my funny names for labels are public :joy: sorry I’m such a noob at this… And thanks for the help guys! Hopefully this will make coding go smoother and faster lol


Actually, with your game it would be: scenes/startup.txt


Like that you can see the code of the whole game… Fore some reason every game is slightly different… Maybe it depends on which folder it’s saved? :thinking:

Did you write your whole game in the startup.txt file?
I’m pretty new with this whole thing, so who knows :sweat_smile:


I think that link opens startup.txt directly, but the /scenes thing takes u to a menu of all the files, which so far for this game are: startup.txt, stats file and chapter1.txt! Although I’ve checked out a few other games and there’s a parent directory thing that when clicked on takes u to the game itself? But mine doesn’t seem to have it lol. Much confuze…


I think it’s a new Dashingdon design maybe? I checked the Dashingdon website and apparently every new game has this new scene list.
In older games the scene list looked different and it showed when each scene was last edited and how much the files weigh.
Like this one for example:

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Ooh, thanks for the info! If it’s purely aesthetic and as long as the game coding still works then alls good haha.

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Re: the previously undecided marriage conundrum in-game (this is pasted directly from my notes lol so it’s gonna be a bit messy)

Marriage: because powerful magic (the coveted, controversial spell for conception between same sex couples recently invented by a foreign Ancient Rome counterpart woman Aurelia Cornificia and her lover) is still the sole privilege of the wealthy and powerful, and due to old attitudes against same sex marriage (although not against “appropriately conducted” same sex relationships), recently there have been some same sex marriages among the aristocrats who are against integration of even influential foreigners for political benefit among their ranks and have taken to breaking “taboo” by using the foreign spell to keep the bloodline pure as a lesser “evil”. This is not really helping the reputation of same sex marriages in the Land, which the Emperor has no plans to sway one way or another bc he sees private allowance as a way to maintain both sides’ approval of his rule. Hence same sex marriage outside of the aristocracy was unheard of, but the Uprising is supporting it amongst its base, some of which support it merely to spite the traditionalist aristocrats, others bc of their own experiences.

*I found the family name Cornificia by chance on a list of patrician surnames, and upon wikiing it learnt that she was a reputed poet whose works were read at least 400 years after her death, but have now been sadly lost. So here’s a little info snippet and homage :slight_smile:

Tldr: current official attitudes towards same sex marriage are more in line w historical attitudes, but the Uprising and magical-advancements brought about ethnical diversity among aristocracy has swept a wave of change throughout the Land. At the end of the game MC, with certain conditions fulfilled, can choose to implement marriage equality officially in the Land.

Any thoughts? Any plotholes u can poke your fingers through (!?)