Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] [OLD VERSION]

At least she/he did not mention Javier. :grinning:

i would kill javier to save sophia or clithus

HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH HEINOUS THINGS! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

i mean i think javier would put his duty to the king before you, no matter how much he loves you

I say it would depend how much he likes you. I CALLED HIM MY DAD (in my first play-through I actually thought he was MC dad)

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Yeah, Arlan isn’t the type to make too many comments about a person he has yet to really know and he felt really awkward with Melissa coming up to him after avoiding him for so long and using THAT as a conversation starter. Hopefully, there be a more neutral option on the matter of avoiding talks about The Second Prince’s past feelings for Melissa or the attractiveness of the stranger he has yet to really know.

I’m waiting for the moment where we can give that knight who fought Clithus a scathing verbal beatdown for the dishonorable way he chose to handle the fight against an opponent who won against him fair and square. Arlan would make it clear in a calm, authoritative voice to the knight that regardless of the origins of his opponent, what the man had done made him a disgrace to the knights of their homeland and that he will not be expecting a repeat of that display (all while giving the man a stern, cool glare that would remind anyone that he is one of King Andus’ sons). Maybe even put a word in with Javier that any knight who acts in such a way should be properly reprimanded for that type of unacceptable behavior.

It’s not that he thinks Cilthus can’t handle herself; he just doesn’t want that type of behavior to be encouraged in the knights in any sort of way (he expects them to handle themselves with integrity, no matter what opponent they face).


My MC(Gareth) doesn’t know too much about Sophia yet, but hes going to make an effort to get to kmow her, and he needs to make it look like they have a good relationship so the public will stay happy.
as for the Clithus thing, Gareth is probably going to either let Clithus beat up the offending knight or do it himself to show people that kind of behavior is unacceptable.

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I dont kmow about that. Javier seems like someone who puts his duty above everything else

I don’t think it would be enough to kill the MC (unless you picked all the anti Javier options)

I didnt say he would kill the MC i just said i thought he would side with King Andus or Marxus over us, because they are the king and crown prince. He would probably try to capture us

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Oh… I agree with that sorry for not understanding. XD

My mc (multiple namesbin multiple playthroughs ) don’t think it is necessary to be honorable or dishonorable the end is justified i.e if you are trying to do good thing. Thinking of honor while doing things is idiocy. I am not making any comment on clithus fight as I have not read it yet( I will read it in the next update. When saving will be enabled). I was giving my opinion about honor I think it is justified to kick in the balls to win a fight.

well he give me the bless to replace it for now so…sharping swords

run to the forum…somebody…gasp…say videogames fights?
you could see some devil may cry fights ( both animes a games ) or some hack and slash games

is a anime about two girls that want the same guy and the end is a bit too gore ( and the game version got more gores endings )

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@Sophia if you want some examples about unrealistic fights watch this:

Jesus will be back on his original account in 274 years. Im hyped cant wait till he comes back


his amount of time banned is probably the funniest thing on this forum

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that was the second account, their first one will be back in september

Why do certain hair colors have more appeal to some people than others? I’ve noticed people mentioning this being part of Clithus’ appeal. I have trouble understanding superficial attraction in general.


The rarity perhaps? I’ve never met a redheaded woman in my life, although Europe is pretty much dominated by brown haired people.

My guess would be that it’s something with all the fiction; I mean, many actresses are redheads, so there’s probably some correlation.

Then again, I don’t know anything about attraction toward women.

I keep telling my wife that my biggest regret of my dating life is I didn’t date a redhead. She keeps offering to dye her hair but it just isn’t the same.