June 2023's Writer's Support Thread

Almost done with editing phase.
Aside some minor correction I only had to change a few names:

  • Captain Cahart’la Proxi (Amaneon specie) has become Captain Ridia Proxi;
  • Zhi’hira (Fluxmo) has become Zhira;
  • Mhri S’uri (Mpath) has become Mri S’uri;
  • Chtra (unknown specie) has become Fiia;
  • The planet Mohnhia has become Monia;

Characters who are unchanged:

  • Cross (Homo Sapiens Sapiens);
  • Krnt (Rotr);
  • Doctress Giga Wyr (Cybit);
  • Xira (Kibra);
  • Tinio (Android)