July's Writers' Support Thread

Exactly! Writing is a skill that can be honed by 3 things. Writing more, reading more, learning from feedback.

I was stressed too when I look at word count I should get and my pace, then calculating how many days at the minimum I would need to finish threw me in depression (and that of reading really good books and comparing authors writing to mine). Key is as you said the fun part in it. Chip it at every day or take free time when it’s getting cumbersome.

Of course if one wants to earn money from writing then the task itself will get nightmare-ish at some point… at least for those who start out and haven’t published anything yet.

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Congrats writers! You made it till the end!


I don’t think I have improved any writing skills in years, to be honest. I don’t think my English skill has improved either. Still, I work hard to improve someday, due I am a slow person.


I wouldn’t say that’s true; I’ve probably read over a 100 of your posts over the years and I think you’ve gotten substantially more eloquent in your thoughts and arguments. You probably just don’t notice it because it’s so gradual.


Our standards are increasing because we’re seeing higher quality work, and often we are not able to improve fast enough to meet that rising standard.

Sometimes just being able to finish a project (even a first draft) can feel like improvement over abandoning them too easily.


What the others said + most of the time we are the harshest critics of our work.

I think we are opposites. I like characters and interaction between them (although writing in english is challenging to me too XD), but I’m bad at codding. Anyway, 50K seems like a triumph to me. You should be proud.


It is the same for me. But if I don’t try to use the little I know, I tend to become even worse at english than I’m already. Every improvement should be celebrated.


I am glad you have joined our group Elisa :hugs: Welcome

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What a month.

Project “Make a Vertical Slice Demo” – Month-End Update

June Totals (6-30):

  • 118,000 + words without code for the script.
  • milestone completed: first draft of script is done.
  • 80,000 + words scripted into the demo – front-end, start-up, origins and 2 (of 3) trunk scenes are scripted.

I made 2/3 of my June stretch-goal; not bad… I’ll reveal my July goals tomorrow.


I am really happy to see everyone supporting each other! Thanks for being there for your colleagues. It is neat to see many new writers brave the public.

I haven’t seen @Lucid post lately — how are things up North?

@HannahPS – How are your projects faring? I saw your expansion go live… grats.

How is @FayI faring?

@Brian_Rushton – Glad to see you back in the community. Burnout (especially intense burnout caused by crunchtime) wears a person down. I am glad you have rediscovered your inner fire for creative writing and I hope it leads you back into a game scenario sooner or later.

Mara – you are improving in your writing. I have one of your first game ideas to prove it too. lol.

@Elisa_Marino – welcome to the community.

@Kefs – I saw great strides forward on your “viking” saga – the artwork and the twin berserkers stand out in my memory.

@The_Black_Reaper – thank you for your support all month long.

@Kotosinica – feature creep is a real danger in these games.


Wow, June really flew by! I’ve done some writing on my second chapter, which I’m pleased about - around 8500 words. With the world situation, plus schools being closed, plus balancing day job and side projects… it’s hard work. What I’m trying to do is celebrate any progress no matter how small, which is easier said than done sometimes, but good to try to remember!


I’ve been very firmly in survival mode - working in the education sector (as with many other sectors) hasn’t been fun these last few months.

But I’ve managed to start writing again this past month, slowly but surely.


Cool, I want read more works from you soon!

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@Eiwynn Really well done on your June goals.

I’ve lost momentum in June, unavoidable as something huge happened in my personal life that involved me spending a lot of time in the hospital (not for me, someone else).

I got u at 6am today to work on the Hong Kong Blood Opera before I start my job. I am making progress, chipping away at it, not every day but several times a week.


@Eiwynn, are there plans to make a thread like this for July as well? I’d love to join if so! Seeing everyone talking about their progress and their challenges has been really cool, but I only found this thread late last month so I was kind of hesitant to just jump in. :sweat_smile:


I am sure she will make another thread, or rename this don’t worry and welcome to our small coterie.


Thank you, Mara! I’m glad to be here. :slight_smile:


@Kurokiku – I’m glad you are here too; your writing has been inspirational for me this past year. :two_hearts:

@poison_mara I’ll try renaming; today was a migraine day, so I was sidelined all day long.

@ everyone –

Welcome to the month of July. For those of you who are American, remember July 3rd is a bank holiday, so get everything done by the 2nd, so you can enjoy your 4th of July holiday.

The 4th of July holds a special place in my dead romantic heart, because it is the holiday I had “my best date ever!” … It involved a beach, fireworks, an old time cruise ship and a wonderful person willing to create a lifetime memory for me …

Does anyone else have an experience they often draw upon to provide inspiration for their writing?

Edit – my edit was so messed up, it blew my pain wrecked mind. … lol… going back to bed for now, hope to see everyone tomorrow.


Aw, that’s such a sweet memory! I’m glad that July 4th is such a romantic holiday for you, and it’s so cool to hear that, since it’s not a holiday I associate with romance. Just goes to show how cool different perceptions of things are. :slight_smile: Thanks for mantaining these threads! @poison_mara too!

For me, I honestly feel like working a retail job (Starbucks barista) helped me understand people and interactions a lot better. And since my current WIP is set in a theme park, a lot of my childhood memories of going to amusement parks have been bouncing around in my brain. It’s nice to remember being young and carefree in rollercoasters.

(Also hi, I’m a pretty new writer on these here forums! Hope it’s not weird I just jumped in.)


@Eiwynn - Thank you so much! I admit I’m a little mushy hearing that; I’m one of those people that only ever seems to be able to see the flaws in my own stuff.

The question’s a really interesting one; I don’t know that I’ve ever had an experience so singular I’ve been able to use it as direct inspiration in that way. I think most of the “me” that gets put into my writing is longer-term stuff, like how depression makes the world feel, or how my autism makes social interaction read very differently to me, for example. I didn’t always have the names for those things, but the more I think about it the more I realize how it’s been showing up in things I write for years. And now I can sort of use bits and pieces of it all more consciously, which is something I’m interested to start experimenting with.

Like @bubblesodatea, I’ve worked lots of customer service, which is a very uh… interesting experience, I have to say. Alas, the insights I can use are somewhat limited, as my main project is in an ancient-inspired low fantasy world and the side project is pretty much stretched Greek mythology.

Also that is a super-refreshing perspective on the fourth; mine is largely just “illegal fireworks and barbecues with people I may or may not actually like.” Very midwestern, heh.