July 2023's Writer's Support Thread

When I am not editing, I have a weekly wordcount goal of 7k, so 1k average a day. Sometimes I don’t reach 1k a day, but so long as I get the 7k for the week done I am fine with it.

I did not start with a goal this high. It was only after I pushed myself through NaNoWriMo that I found out where my limits were and reflected on how long it would take me if I stuck to my old goals. Before that I had something closer to 4k a week.

If you have a wordcount goal, make sure you give yourself achievable limits with some wiggle room.


I can’t work with a set word count every day; it doesn’t work for me and generally leads me to get frustrated and stop having fun. The moment that pressure goes is the moment the words begin to flow.

So, instead, I try and set myself a goal of finishing off a squiggly bit, or a concept, each day. And sometimes I find myself inspired and the words come (today, I was on a train and ended up writing a whole extra romance scene for one of the characters). Other times, it doesn’t work out that way. I find that without those goals, I slack off, forget things, and it’s just as bad as feeling up against it.

Of course, everyone has their own way.


I tried it. I had to give it up because never reaching the quota was becoming too depressing. For others it seems to work but not for me


Because I’m used to writing web novels, I can manage writing at least 1,500 words per day. But in this case, after I complete a chapter in Falrika the Alchemist (which has a minimum of 7,500 words per chapter, not including the prologue), I get to have a day off to prevent the dreaded burnout.


When I saw this, I was just giddy. It was almost enough to distract me from the very last edits and tests to the game. It feels amazing to reach this point, after so many years of work. I’d had a perverse hope that I’d get it all done in time to be published on the solstice (when the game’s climax takes place), but knowing that it’ll be out soon is more than enough of a reward.


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Chapter 22 of Last Dream is now online! I managed to hit 97% of the project completion!

I’m almost there!

Thank you, everybody, for your love and support! :heart_eyes:


I have no idea if this is the right place to post this, but while going through beta I have had so many pieces of feedback requesting the ability to pet cats. There are only two in the game (and one squirrel), but people really want to be able to pet those cats.

The next update will introduce the ability to determine who the cat likes (through cat-kiss blinks), but also the ability - subject to the cat’s disposition toward you - to give the cat a little pet.

Hardly a ground-breaking announcement, but I just throught it was great that’s what people want.


So June did not quite go as I planned as I forgot that my already crappy immune system does not deal well with El Nino years. Ended up sick for the last half of it and only starting to feel better now.

That being said, I did manage to finish most of the Garden section of BS:C before I got sick. Unfortunately, the rest of the time was just writing notes (which I’ve been going through and trying to translate into English from the gibberish I wrote down).

My goal for July is to get an updated demo out with the rest of this chapter’s paths completed.

Hope everyone is having a good July and good luck to anyone who’s competing in NaNoWriMo’s July camp.


I just heard back from my application to write for CoG it was unfortunately unsuccessful. However, I have been given feedback on why I was unsuccessful and encouraged to work on cleaning up my prose,

So it may be a sad moment for now but it also gives me a clear goal to work on and that will only improve my writing.

Something I can work on while writing the Graveyard Watch.


I am sorry that you were not approved, but I am grateful you shared with us this process from the very beginning. :revolving_hearts:


I’m so sorry to hear that. But I’m glad you’re taking it as encouragement to keep trying and growing. And I still love the game ideas you submitted - I hope we’ll still get to read them someday, whether published by CoG or HG. And, like @Eiwynn, I thank you for taking us through the process with you.


@Eiwynn @AletheiaKnights

It’s alright these things happen :slight_smile:

I’m turning 40 in September so I’ve been writing for a long time and it’s obvious I’ve picked up some bad habits over the years but these are issues I can fix and I intend to work on them. I’ve started using Grammarly recently and I’ll more than likely subscribe to it to make the most of the service.

But fear not, I’m not going anywhere. I will focus on The Graveyard Watch and cleaning up my prose and then will resubmit an application as soon as I am able.


My WIP also has the feature of petting both cats and dogs. The options I employed are less restrictive, but I might keep your planned feature in mind for a future chapter.


The past month and a bit have been disastrous for my writing - work refuses to let up, which means my old writing time is now life admin time. The day I booked off to try and catch up turned into a day of naps, with no writing done.

I had hoped to have a second chapter of my WIP done by now, but I’d estimate I’ve managed less than a quarter of it.

The plan going forward is to write in even shorter chunks, wherever I can fit them in. I don’t see a ten minute session being very productive, but it’s better than nothing, even if I’m only able to manage a few hundred words in a week.

It does serve to increase my level of admiration for people managing to write successfully alongside their full-time jobs, because this is real hard.


Sometimes you need that day of naps more than anything else in the world. Ten minute sessions might not be ideal, but it keeps you engaged and moving forward. I hope things get less intense for you soon.


I can’t decide what I’d love more.

  1. cutting my hours to a four day week so I csn have 3 days of writing.


  1. being able to be a cabin in the middle of the woods to write in.

Either way work has been a bit stressful lately but have been keeping busy making notes for the three types of vampires that you can encounter in the Graveyard Watch. Namely the earthbound, the skybound and the feral.

Earthbound vampires only revive when submerged in earth/dirt and they have to Bury themselves before dawn.

Skybound vampires are dead bodies revived by a spirit.

Feral vampires are the standard aggressive vampire.


Well, one of those is how you get Misery’d, so, uh, I suggest the other one?

Have you considered the Omnomnomicon, the eldritch cookbook, instead?


I was more thinking of reading from the necronomicon to be fair but good point!


Soooo the magical girl story isn’t going well. It’s on hold. I’m writing an aot fanfic right now.


The dream of my life. If only there weren’t these responsibilities to keep me…