January 2024's Writer Support Thread

Yesterday, something weird happened. :crazy_face: I guess I’ll share it with all of you. It could be helpful.

It happened during the ‘Random Test’ of my game.

To fully understand what is going on, I have to make a spoiler: in my game, when you ‘die,’ you do NOT reach ‘finish,’ BUT you go back to the start again. You CANNOT exit the game until you find the way to actually ‘finish’ it. This is meant to simulate what happens in life according to the Buddhist concept of Samsara.

Shortly said, when I run the Random Test on Last Dream, the system went crazy. :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
What I mean is that no single Random test could be completed; the system continued running in circles without ever finishing ONE SINGLE TIME!

That made me proud in the first place, but then I realized my game would NEVER be published if it didn’t pass the Random test!

So I went to the Choicescript Wiki and realized there is a specific command to “force” a choice during Randomtest. Thanks to that command, everything runs smoothly now.

I wanted to share this with all of you. If the Random Test goes crazy, guide it! :stuck_out_tongue: You can use the command *if choice_randomtest as stated here.

This command actually ‘saved my game,’ and I’m thrilled to share this ‘life-saving hint’ with all of you.

I have to say: ChoicesScript is a great programming language, and its programmer is a genius! Congratulations to all the staff! :clap: :clap: