I've got an idea about paid storys

Thanks, and what does disassociating mean? (I forgot to hit reply again.)

It (can) mean(s) that you feel a little ‘besides yourself’ as if you are watching your life proceed like a spectator.
Oh, also don’t worry about replying/plain answers. I got the thread set to tracking, so I’ll get a note when a new response is posted :slight_smile:

Is that like how i daydream often like i am in another world, like pokemon or miraculus ladybug or transformers?

It can be that, yes. There’s also another term for this specific thing, which slips my mind atm. Also, should we take this discussion to private notes?

i guess, do you have tumblr? Im more used to talking on there.

To be honest, watching an ad while playing a game like this would probably break the immersion quite a bit. It’s like when you’re at the most tense part of a book, and someone asks you what you’re reading, it’s pretty irritating. I think it’s much easier to pay once, and have a stroy you can fully immerse yourself in than to have to watch several ads that break immersion. I mean, the point of these types of games is to put yourself in the story and make choices, and I don’t think ads really help with that.