It is possible to have a roll feature with modifiers?


Hello, this is my first topic and I hope you are doing it correctly! First of all, I apologize for my bad level of English, yet I’m adapting the small steps and often I have to consult translators to expand vocabulary, hope that’s no problem.
I have an RPG system a few years ago and met this tool for some time and also my always doubt was whether I could adapt my RPG system for choice script and please forgive the ignorance if indicated it somewhere (I admit also that I did not use the search tool, do not know what you would be tags for this, so I preferred to make the topic) to ask the following: You can add a command, for example, 1d20 + Fixed Value + Variable Value (As per example + 1D6) against a difficulty of 13, causing it to give a result below 13, include a failure and a result above include a success? Simulating a given scrolling performed on a tabletop RPG?
Thank you in advance patience and any answer I will receive.


I can’t test it right now but I think it would be as easy as this:

*create d20 0
*create d6 0
*create skill 0
*create difficulty 0

*rand d20 1 20
*rand d6 1 6
*set skill 4
*set difficulty 13

*if (((d20 + skill) + d6) < difficulty)


The command is *create, not *create var.
It would go like this:

*create d20
*create d6
*create skill
*create difficulty

But everything else would be the same.


Oops yes good point! But also I forgot to assign values when creating…

*create d20 0
*create d6 0
*create skill 0
*create difficulty 0

I edited my original reply to fix the above mentioned code issues


Wow, what a super fast response! Thank you friends (Dashingdon and gkkiler). I know I have a policy to close threads once they are resolved, but it would be possible to leave this open until I make sure I have no difficulty or doubt going forward?


We generally leave threads open here for people with problems or questions.


I understand , thank you for the clarification !