Issues with CSIDE — won't run game

So I was just sitting writing and coding without issue earlier today, but now when I opened CSIDE and tried running it, it said it couldn’t find the files? It’s like this with all my projects, not just one. I tried fixing it up in the ‘choicescript projects’ folder, but it changed nothing. Worried I might lose all I’ve worked on…

Anyone know what the problem might be?

Well, short answer is that your choicescript project folder is where CSIDE can’t reach it and it used to be somewhere else and it was opened from that location. If you still have it, add your project manually.

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Heilige Scheiße, my Computer just overheated, everything is ok. My new set-up includes cooling elements and a fan :)) loving the summer so far

So, just to confirm, not an issue with CSIDE?

I don’t think so, don’t worry. If it happens again I’ll let you know :))

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