Is this the worst idea ever? (gender roles)


I tend to dislike getting lots of physical customization options because I like remaking anime characters and I get to the eye color page and none of the options are “red-green heterochromia” and I grumble about how Dragon’s Dogma let me do this.


That could be really really a pain in the ass to code to gain zero value. Track to eyes separate Is
A totally stupid in a text based game
Code eyes differently means have different text about x being green y being other color or other way around. lol. It is like want to select the number of freckles or how character goes to bathroom and way to walking…

One thing is customizable content to grant immersion and other pure obsession to detail to point plotting become choose all tiny detail in the scene and no real plot left.


I don’t think is fair to call it totally stupid. The limits of customisation go on the authors willingness to do it. For you it might be stupid, but for example sos the mortal coil has, if I remember correctly, around 200 variations of combinations for the weapons and powers.

For us the players it will be little text, but if the author doesn’t mind doing it, which is the case, then good for her and even better for us.


I have more than 100 clothing coded and more twenty weapons so far etc. And several magics. But that affects storylines and game play. The different color of one eye over other is not a part of any game story. The stupid consists in DEMAND and EXIGENCIES of Why is not herecromia in the game A VIDEO game have it.

An author could add the complexity they want and is okay as it is their story. The unfair is people DEMANDING stuff to a ridiculous amounts of detail. expecting to be placed. I have seen critics reviews in Apple store to the point I can’t choose this tiny name one star. Or what is not this power included one star.

There is a limit in author capabilities to add ever time details There is people criticizing Zombie exodus SH for not being customizable enough…


Oh, I see what you mean now, the way you worded it it seemed like you were saying that the authors adding this options was a stupid thing to do.

Yes, I agree that the players shouldn’t demand this (or anything really) from the authors. Is their story, not ours.


Suggest add content is good but some people takes that as demanding That x option is there. Same with gender . Imagine that I add x action to a gender then the other will have less content so i had to balance that . What for one people is immersive for others is all contrary. Also cultures seem gender diffently. For many the fact a women take initiative or kissing in public is a pure sin and antisocial. So maybe is need to the story but You know you will lost people. … Crafting a storytelling is difficult because global world but millions of traditions. So no single player will take your scene same way So to add stuff author has to look lot of stuff. So some people get angry about why this os not here (myself included I have felt that way as player) but sometimes there are reasons in storytelling about what is that way.


Guess it’d be impossible for an author to please everyone. So it’s up to them what they think would be reasonable to be added in the game and what wouldn’t be.

I for one think what @James_Marsh is looking for is more on the ridiculous side (sorry), but a height choice would be more reasonable. Like short/average/tall that would give only three extra variants to each gender. And if something like eyecolor gets neglected in favor of this (I’m using this an example bc I think that’s one of the more common customization options given in games, right after gender and hair color) I think that’s easier to deal with as reader too. “He looks into your eyes” or “he looks into your blue eyes” doesn’t make much difference imo, if it’s the previous one then I’d just use my imagination to know what colored eyes my MC has, doesn’t breaks immersion at least for me.


Well, yes, I don’t think it’d be worth adding to the eye color selection. It’s an illustrative example of the fact that you cannot have all possible eye colors, so by having the selection and not having heterochromia you make it so the MC cannot have heterochromia. No matter what you put on the list there will be things that aren’t on the list. So I tend to think it’s best to have very few lists.


In romance with eroticism details as colors tacitly sensations and odour are key to enjoyment in many people. So it definitely depends on game theme . For some seeing into eyes is dramatic and immersive


Yeah I’m really put off by gender stereotypes being forced on my character without my input. I’m a woman but I’m tall, burly, not social or charming or romantic, have never flirted or batted my eyelashes, never get noticed by men at all, can’t imagine a man who isn’t the Hulk being physically able to sweep me off my feet, etc…So when a game automatically tells me how beautiful or girly or flirty or submissive or physically weak or small or whatever my female character is it’s pretty jarring. Sometimes I want to play that stereotypical Barbie/princess type character but not always and sometimes I want to play the manly man but sometimes I want to play the weaker, more sensitive, less assertive, etc…male character. It’s always significantly better in my eyes when we get to choose our character’s actions and mannerisms and attractiveness (through charisma or the game just asking us if our character is attractive) rather than there being a default stereotype. Often games where the characters ARE automatically conformed to gender stereotypes I wont play a female character at all since I can’t connect to that.


This seems like it would be a problem if you want to imagine yourself in the place of the character. I relate to COG more like the director of a film than the lead actor. I’m not myself, say, a French mixed-race ladykiller spy, or short Cal-gal female superhero, so I roleplay; if I did play as myself every COG would end with a whimper. Excessively feminine or masculine actions probably aren’t a good writing idea, but mild gender specific actions can probably be worked around.

On a related note, some games write the MC with explicit character traits; the Herorise MC is written as quite hot-tempered for example. Sometimes I find that a little restrictive, but to play the game with different characters I have to go beyond the text, add actions and rewrite lines, to play Tally Ho with a cockney valet, or a Herorise MC who’s very gentle and shy until the chips are down.


I have same problem as player. However In my game player has a wild charming magnetism because plot reasons however I truly try not being describe pc to lead to imagination works and I let character choose height later in game. And assertive and bold or shy choices are key for me . Due I am so damn tired to WOMAN == shy submission romantic blushing coward. But sometimes is difficult deal with high and maybe in a scene I suppose chracter as tall or small… I am sarting to get rid of that presumptions. But is difficult


On the other hand, I enjoy it when games comment on how masculine I am :stuck_out_tongue: In all seriousness though when it comes to body type I very rarely see characters described in normal terms, they’re either super models or Greek gods.


Short heroes are cool.


Physically, I don’t really care for MC descriptions. They don’t really entice me. I prefer to just imagine what I look like.

Personality-wise, it can be very hard to write a personality that suits everyone unless you’re writing unique text for each form of assertive-passive-plus-gender combination that exists, which is… whew. I usually try to read text as close to my own personality and own manner of speaking as possible, even if it’s not entirely fitting. It tends to make a lot of stories much more engaging because the manner of speaking and interacting that I have is not what most standard protagonists use.