Is asking for update and asking for progress report from an author same

I mean i dont wanna put any pressure on author but in this specific case related to wip of Oval Office

Author asked people to be a part of think tank for new ideas for the story plot and i was selected after that i got no progress info from author about what progress is done if even if author has written 1 word its ok i mean its better than being silent tell us

Since few stories are good so readers get invested in them emotionally so when there is lack of info they try to gather info on the wip

If asking for update is wrong then ok in anyways i am not trying to fish out any confirmation or a specific date that aims to put pressure on author but is it wrong to ask anything related to how much progress on a wip has been done but is asking trying to approach author to gather info about simple things like word count etc is wrong

I get it author is not answerable to anyone but cant it be like author saying ok i haven’t done this or i wrote 20 words etc especially when the period is long cause readers get curious on what is going on with the project and then i get my post hidden (no i dont have any grievance) just curious are both things same if i wrote things differently would the result be same or different

Perhaps i couldn’t convey what i meant cause i wrote just two words “any update” And they were hidden

I also want to ask are authors so fragile that these two words puts pressure on them i mean regardless if i didnt wrote anything i would own it and tell to the people who liked my post and replied to my wip i mean its being true to oneself i would say

I also understand author dont wanna put small small message of everyday progress its just not practical but when period is long and readers cant suppress their urge to know about what is going on about the wip i think they should have an option to put a post on the wip topic and if author dont wanna reply ignorance is always an option. From the readers perspective they will atleast have a sense of satisfaction that they tried to gather info on wip, they did something instead of waiting hopelessly

Also i would like to present an example of how i asked a question related to plot of a story that basically meant when is the next update and see the response of the author.the author replied giving atleast some response and it didnt got hidden

This reply of author as reader gave me an assurance that its on progress but when i asked directly it got hidden so should we all now use codded ways to ask authors about progress :rofl::rofl:

I also hold no grudges but how would readers and author will maintain contact if posts like asking for progress and update will remain hidden the behind this is since reader put their time in reading whatever the author wrote it creates a symbiotic relationship between them and an unwritten contract is established where both could ask anything from them while respecting each other equally as human beings since both their time and focus to either create something amazing or have a chance to read something that is amazing or could become amazing in future and by their contribution they would be a part of evolutionary process of something creative and productive

And if things like asking for an update is bound to get hidden the author should mention them in their wip post

Edit - i am uploading two screenshots note the reaction of author when asked about progress so just as @Schliemannsghost didnt have any problem this author also doesnt have any problem and this post which i am showing example of is still there and not hidden Yet my post is hidden this sort of thing gives a sense of discrimination
In 1st screenshot post about asking current situation basically means asking for update

2nd screenshot self explainatory

Also for the better part my questions on how would readers gather info about wip if their posts were hidden especially when there is no info for long time
went unanswered

I rest my case @moderators

See comments 3 different response from 3 different people leader says will give light warning and wont flag it and leave it to author, hosted games author says not supposed to ask and not post the update question unless author is OK with it and i have supported the evidence that author is ok with it, and moderator says not acceptable at all and will get hidden also if one ask same question in different way one can get away by bending rules for example see that current situation screenshot and my trip to istanbul screenshot and also how much value does author consent hold over allowing such questions is not clear and last and most imp how to gain info on a wip if there is no info from a long time and user who doesnt use any social media accounts

Also i take cognizance that my post was against the rules thats very explicitly mentioned and i abide by that and i am sorry for that through this post my aim is to clear my confusion, highlight what is according to me discrepancies, and be more aware of what i should abide while i post in future

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In my POV, asking for a progress report is the same as asking for an update. Since asking for updates is written as forum’s FAQ which we encourage readers to follow. But usually I don’t flag a post immediately and use as a gentle reminder post. In the end, the author have the right answer a post asking for updates but we, as community leaders or mods, much prefer that readers don’t ask for updates or require the author to do progress report.


I think the official guidance is that you’re not supposed to ask, because some authors don’t like to be asked and find that it puts pressure on them. As it happens, I don’t mind people asking when the next update is coming: I won’t always be able to give a precise answer, but I’ll happily respond to the question, which is why, in the example you gave (which is from my WIP thread) there was no issue. But other authors don’t like it, so it’ s probably better, on balance, not to ask that question unless you know that the author is OK with it.


Asking for progress reports or updates is against forum rules which was why your post asking about updates was hidden. It isn’t about perceived fragility but about courtesy to authors most of whom are doing this as a hobby or a side job.

This is incorrect. Asking for updates is against forum rules and therefore an author of a WIP is entitled to assume that players will not so so.

As @Schliemannsghost mentions above, an author may provide updates at their own discretion but this is their individual choice.

I think my and the answers above clarify the rules, so I’m going to close this thread. If you have any queries on this, please get in touch with a moderator as needed.