Inventory and variables

I am using some really helpful code I found in this forum for an inventory system. It works great if something is true or false, for example : you start with no gun and then buy one and it appears in your inventory. However, if you buy bullets these would need a numerical variable ie 6 bullets , then 5 when one is fired etc etc
The inventory can’t show this, it can just show bullets yes or no
I don’t want them in the stats as it is perfectly legitimate in the game to not buy a gun in teh first place , having them as a stat would make them seem vital

Would there be a way to display this ? or alternatively I could just “tell” the reader hoe many are left each time they fire?

here is the startup code:

*create bullets 0
*create gun false

and the shop code

	*if (gun = false) 
		*selectable_if (gold >= 10) #I'd like to buy the Gun
			“A Mark 1 Enfield revolver. This packs a punch even Sir Malcolm would be jealous of” says the shopkeeper, his placid eyes twinkling a little.
			*set empty_inventory false
			*set gun true
			*set bullets 6
			*set gold -10
			*goto top

So you do or don’t want bullets displayed in the inventory on the stats screen? The wording of the main post is confusing. (Also, hi again!)

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I would make a second variable, bulletsNumber or something like that, so you could make bullets a boolean, which shows if there are any and the bulletsNumber to show how much you have.
in the inventory you can set an:

*if (bullets)
    bullets @{bulletsNumber}

or something similar
it makes it easier to add/reduce bullets

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Hi and thanks, I only do this at the weekend so there will be no further daft questions for a least a week :slight_smile:
Thank you for your patience and help.

This is happening because I am separating stats and inventory. When you start the game and check stats it looks like this:
Skill: 8

Stamina: 17

Luck: 8

Gold: 20

Inventory: You are carrying nothing

Later, when you find a map and or buy stuff at the shop it looks like this:

Skill: 8

Stamina: 17

Luck: 8

Gold: 0

Inventory: Gun, Clip of 6 bullets, Provisions, Map

The code is flipping things from false to true and then they appear in the inventory

I “could” add bullets to stats, but this would place in the readers mind a need to go off and get bullets. In fact, using the gun and bullets is a bit of a blind alley for the reader
Because bullets are a numerical varaiable I can’t make them a true or false in this inventory system.

Ideally it should read in the inventory Bullets 6
and then when one is fired, Bullets 5 etc etc

How does the stats_screen code looks like?
You can do

*if bullets != 0
   Bullets: ${bullets}

You can set whatever inventory string you use for the bullets to contain the number of bullets.

*if bullets != 0
        *set inventory &” clip of ${bullets} bullets,”

Thanks all! Everything is fixed :grinning:

See you next week :scream:

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Oh, one more thing though! Grammar.

*if bullets != 0
        *set inventory &” clip of ${bullets} @{(bullets = 1) bullet|bullets}”

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