Inventory & % Chance


I’m making a survival based CoG, but I can’t figure out the inventory. Thought about doing this:
Water Purifier: No/Yes
Firestarter: No/Yes

But that seems too simple. Plus, i want there to be matches, a water purifying device, iodine tablets, different kinds of clothing, ect. & I want to make each firestarter have a different chance of working, the clothing affect how fast your heat/cold stats go up/down, & things like that.

Any tips?

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Are you asking how the variables should work? Or, are you asking how to have the inventory displayed?

I guess both. New to this program :frowning:

Variable-wise, boolean variables are a good way to go. (True/False Variables are fine.)

For how to display it in the Stat Sheet…That is a bit different. I’d probably use a series of *if statements built into a series, so that it displays the items whose variable are ‘yes’ on a list. But…I’ve never done an inventory in the Stat Sheet, so I’m not sure if I’m the best to answer the programming side of the question…

You’re better off using numeric variables for items. That way items can have quantities (e.g. you can specify that the player has 5 iodine tablets, rather than just saying you have/don’t have them) and it will make coding easier. If you ever find yourself asking “should I use a boolean or numeric variable” go for numeric because there is disadvantage in doing so.

Try give it a shot

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