Invalid option conflict


I am writing a scene which involves a playground jump rope (or skipping) mini game. The game is based entirely on chance and the options look identical to the player.


		*goto jump_1
		*goto jump_1
		*goto jump_fail
	*if luck = 2
			*goto jump_1

Although the scene has passed the quicktest, when attempting to play it through myself I am getting this error:

skipping line 393: Invalid option; conflicts with option ‘Jump!’ on line 391

Thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


You can’t use the same text for two different options. Add a ! and it should work.


Thanks @MeltingPenguins I figured that was the issue, but I was hoping there was a work around. Good suggestion, much appreciated.


The easier alternative would be working with the *rand command, but be warned: people hate that when it keeps them from progressing.


This should work:

*temp jump1 "Jump!"
*temp jump2 "Jump!"



The [b] and [i] are for bold and italics, but it should appear invisible since there’s no preceding text. But if you need three or more, do the temp variable thing. Or you could also put the whole word in bold/italics. That’s much simpler.


Honestly, this is still pretty random… :sweat_smile: I guess it’s fine if it’s just for flavour text, but if this jump scene has actual consequences, I certainly wouldn’t recommend doing it like this…


Interesting idea @Franzinyte, I never would have thought of that!


I’ve been using the *rand command a lot for different things around the playground, but I wanted to try something different :slight_smile: