"Invalid indent? Expected an #option here, not *label"

A few more hours into the game and already another error. Agh, I’m dumb.

“chapter2 line 1362: Invalid indent? Expected an #option here, not *label”
Anyways, I asked for help yesterday with the “non-existent variable” error. Turns out that there was nothing wrong with that code, the game was just using the previous code of the game. In this case, I don’t know what’s the problem. Yesterday, whenever the *owner_info was set true, it’d show up in the stats(specifically, in legendary gear), but now, even that doesn’t work. Strange.
Awaiting your help!

*label March Is indented I.e. you have to delete the space before *label


Now I feel more dumb…How could I have missed such an obvious thing?..

No problem :smile::smile:

Because it’s harder to spot “at a glance” when using only a single space for indentation?

It’s really a case of whatever works best for you personally, but in terms of “best coding practice” it’s generally considered best to use at least at two spaces for each indentation level (and some use four, or more often a single tab set to four spaces) simply because it makes it easier both to read code and to spot this type of error. Worth consideration, anyway.


Or just use “TAB” instead and set its “spacing value” to… 4 spaces. Or more. (I forgot where did I find this option)
Anyway, you can convert all of your indentation “space” to “TAB.”

Or just go to this setting :point_down:

The setting

And its result


From this

To this :arrow_down:

Handy :ok_hand:


Black display hurt me eyes!
Thanks for the tip!

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Huh. I luv black :v
Probably because I often work on my WIP at (mid)night :sweat_smile:

But that black BG is just my own customization, tho. You can change it to whatever color you like.


Yeah, I think the default is black. It just hurt my eyes, really.
So I changed it to white.