Invalid create instruction for 2 words

I’m having trouble with creating a variable which is composed of 2 words.

The error I’m getting is: Invalid create instruction value must be a number, true/false, or a quoted string Doc Mitchell 40

My code looks like this:

*create Doc Mitchell 40

It has to be one word. You can use underscores as spaces, if you want: *create doc_mitchell 40

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The code only recognizes “Doc” as a variable.
Try this

*create docmitchell 40
*create docmitchellname "Doc Mitchell"

In the stats screen the relationship bar would look like this IIRC:

percent docmitchell $!{docmitchellname}

But in the stats screen, it won’t show the underscore right ?

Thanks, I’ll try that

Not if you give it an alternate title, like this:

percent doc_mitchell Doc Mitchell

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Thanks, mate ! ( 20 char )

The docmitchellname variable is only if the name ever changes in the stats.
Otherwise go with Lady luck’s code, and scratch that variable in total

Ah ok ( 20 characters )