Interactive BonBons (WIP) BETA TESTERS NEEDED — by Sam Ursu

This post is made on behalf of Sam Ursu, please contact him for beta feedback at samcelroman AT gmail DOT com

Please do not contact me (Kai) for information or to give feedback for this beta.


Many of you know that I have been working on a number of “minigames”
for a while, with the plan of putting them all together in an omnibus.
Well, that time has arrived!

Interactive Bonbons is my first attempt to push the envelope of what
interactive fiction (and the ChoiceScript language) can do. As such,
the structure of this game is very, very different from all of the
other CS games you may have played before.

Instead of one full “meal” of a game with a long, branching story,
Interactive Bonbons is a compendium compromised of ten standalone
“minigames,” all of which are designed to be played and enjoyed as a
tasty “snack” whenever you have a few free minutes at lunchtime, or
while waiting at the bus stop, or whenever you want a quick fix of

Note: Some of you may have played the initial versions of these games
when I first wrote them, however, I have substantially improved and
upgraded them for this “omnibus,” including adding sounds and color to
create what I hope you will agree is a unique game experience.

I look forward to all of your feedback!


-Sam Ursu